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Fun dinosaur activities

Dino activites | Lucas loves cars 4 Dinosaur activities you can do at home, with the toys you have around the house.

Fun dinosaur activities that you can do at home. 
Low cost, low clean up and BIG on the fun.



Make Christmas shopping easier | Lucas loves cars

We have put together a little guide to help you get on top of your Christmas shopping...because we think shopping and giving should be fun. 

And there is a free printable! 

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars

What a lovely night to get together with some friends and head out for a walk around the streets and get to know your neighbourhood.  And this year it's even better because it's on a Saturday night!  

Last year we walked about with some of Lucas' friends and had a fabulous time, walking and chatting..and of course, getting lollies for the kids.  


 We love Easter, well Lucas loves the chocolate, and I love the extra long weekend to spend time with the family.  ( oh yeah and chocolate too!)


Every Easter I enjoy searching through Pinterest for printables and fun things to these....

Advent Calendar Ideas

We love an advent calendar, there is nothing better than to count down to Christmas.  The  numbers get smaller and the excitement rises...