I was chatting with a cousin this weekend and she mentioned that she 'has a car lover'!  I'm so excited, her third son is one of us!

It's fun to see people's understanding when they have a son or daughter, who has the same deep connection to cars.  It's like they finally understand the reason we have a house full of cars. 

The conversation turned to how this new little car lover has learned his colours using his cars.  Lucas did the same.  It's so much easier to teach kids while they are playing. 

With that in mind we have created some Colour In Car Park Printable sheets.

 Colour In Carparks Free Printable


They are perfectly sized car parks for a matchbox sized car. You can also use wooden cars, trains or any little vehicles you have.

There are three pages to give you different options, depending on the age and skill level your little car lover is at.  Use the colourful first page to park the cars in the matching coloured squares.  Next, a page has been left uncoloured so that you can colour the car park to match the named colours, and finally use the blank page to create your own car park design.


Colour in Car Park free Printable


The first page is a fun colour matching exercise.  Find the cars with the matching colours to each car park.  Fill each car park with the matching car, and then take the cars off and try to fill the car parks with colours that don't match, to see how it looks.  Do your fingers itch to make them match again? 

 Colour in Car Park Printables


Print these pages out, put it with a bag of cars and you have a fun activity next time you are in a cafe, on a holiday, or when you need some downtime during an afternoon at home. 

   Colour in car park printables




When it comes to colouring in those blank car parks, we love these hand made Australian crayons.  Choose from Race Cars, Transport or Dinosaurs.  

Presented in a beautiful box these Tinta crayons also make a lovely gift.

Do your kids love to colour? 

Vroom Vroom

- Helle.