Gifts and toys for the 4-year-olds that will educate them and entertain them. Big kids now they need a little something special. From learning their ABC's or driving cars around, we have the toy to keep them playing. 

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Gifts and toys for four year olds

How to choose a gift for a 4 year old?

By 4 years old your little birthday child will have some favourite things.  Are they car lovers or dinosaur mad?   For 4 year olds it's a great time for puzzles or games with their favourite theme.

Extend their play by extending their interests.  Car lovers may like houses or road signs to use while they play.  Add mountains or caves to the play for dinosaur lovers. Keeping the new toys similar to the toys they love, while adding more room for imagination.

Not sure what they like and want something that will be a big hit?  Our go-to for a 4 year old present is a Tap Tap game. There are a wide range of designs to choose from.  The kids will love that they are now old enough to use a hammer.