Baby toys

Baby toys are a great first introduction to senses.  Baby sensory toys are lots of fun, something high contrast for their sight, rattle for the sounds and as their hands start to open and close a grasping toy is fabulous fun for those motor skills.

A teether is also an idea gift for any newborn, whether it is the first or the last baby for a family.

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Baby gift ideas

Make a gift unique by combining any of the baby toys with a teether or rattle.  A bib and teether makes for a great gift for additional babies in the family.   A soft toy animal is always a winner, or a comforter. 

For a second baby we often suggest a toy that baby can share with their sibling, so it may be used by the older child to entertain the baby.   A book to show them, a rattle or sensory toy for the older sibling to crinkle and explain.