A huge range of Dinosaur toys and gifts for your little dinosaur lovers. Rawr! Get your little one the experience from a pre-historic era. Let them have Jurassic fun. Your child will love playing with durable, longer-lasting, high-quality toys while learning about natural history. 

From a Wooden T-rex dinosaur figure, a soft toy Stegosaurus, or a Triceratops puzzle we have it all. Our range includes Dinosaur bath toys, Dinosaur biscuit cutters, Dinosaur puzzles, Dinosaur snap, Dinosaur Bingo, and more.

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We stock a big range of dinosaur toys and figures online for sale at great prices.  Dinosaur toys are great for education and fun, they help the little ones to learn about the history of the earth while playing with these fun and durable toys. Kids get to know the amazing creatures that wandered our earth in the prehistoric era. Your child will get to learn about the amazing species that existed long before they did.

How long have dinosaur toys been popular? 

The dino toys have been popular since the 1950s. Kids love them and they get attached. Some don’t let go of them as they age, however many kids hold on to these great toys for a long time. Dino toys are one of the toys that help kids grow curious about the earth’s history. These toys can even help kids take more of an interest in science class!

Benefits of playing with dinosaur toys

Kids love playing with animal toys, especially dinosaur toys. Most kids are curious to learn about the world around them - especially the world that once was! The benefits of playing with these toys are: 

  1. Creativity and imagination 
  2. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination 
  3. Communication and verbal skills 
  4. Cognitive skills 

What's so special about dinosaurs?

From Dinosaur toys, children learn about the earth, life, and the natural world. These Incredible creatures will teach children about how species come to be, disappear, adapt and survive. If a young child develops an interest in them, then they start learning some aspects about the earth’s timeline. They may become curious about the Earth and how it once existed many years ago. 

Fun facts about these species 

Dinosaur fossils have been discovered on all continents on earth, and the one who searches for these dinosaur fossils are called paleontologists.

The biggest species among the dinosaurs is called Argentinosaurus. 

It is believed that most of the lizards, crocodiles come from the dino family.