Kids Bath toys

Baby bath toys and bath toys for kids to keep them entertained and having fun while getting clean!   With cars, animals, boats and ball track fun. 

Check out our blog for tips to clean your Bath toys.

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Baby bath toys

Why we love Bath toys 

Engage with baby bath toys, to make bath time more fun for parents and baby. Always a fabulous baby gift.

Then keeping the kids busy and playing in the bath is a winner!   When they are having fun they are going to be much more excited to jump in.  And we all know bath time is usually around witching hour...tired kids are hard work.

Try bath toys such as books that change colour,  bath crayons for colouring fun, boats that float around and animals or cars that 'stick to the tiles' .

Let the water flow, the bubbles delight and the fun happen while the kids are in the bath and getting clean.  

With fun bath toys the kids will love their time in the tub as much as you do!

It's a great time for mum to have a break, but please remember to always supervise kids in the bath.