Kid O have a lovely sense of simplicity in their designs.  The Kid O truck has been a favourite first birthday present of ours for years.   Recently Kate took one home and let her 16 month old have a drive. Here's what she thought -

We were very excited when the Kid-O truck arrived - Joe (16mths) was happy with something new and different....

Things I learnt while in covid Isolation.

I started the year very quietly.  New Years Eve at home, like many others.  For the first time in a long time I was following the trend! 

But after a visit with a friend I got the dreaded text - I'm positive...

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Supporting Kids Helpline with every order.

Lucas loves cars supporting Kids HelplineWe are so proud to be donating $1 from each order made at Lucas loves cars to help support Kids helpline.  So far we have donated a total of...

Where to Hide Your Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season

where to hide your christmas gifts

Do you shop early for Christmas?

Well done you for being organised.....but where do you put all those great gifts so that little fingers and eyes wont find them?


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Cardboard Dinosaur Sun Catchers

Cardboard crafts are a favourite with us, because we send out so many boxes and love to see how they are reused for fun. 
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