10 things we have learnt over 10 years in business.

10 years in business - WOW, that went fast!

Here are some tips that we have learnt about Business, and as I was writing this I realised, they're also fabulous lessons for life as well!

It makes sense doesn't it....

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Toys for the Park.

kids park toys | Lucas loves cars

As adults, when we go somewhere that is geared to adults, and we have the kids with us, it pays to plan ahead and bring some fun for them.  

Don't pull out the iPad.  We have some toys...

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Tips for playing with Open Ended Toys

We love open ended toys.   What open ended toys do is they wait for you to sprinkle a little bit of imagination on them and then they come alive.

So, what if you struggle with the imagination!? We have some ideas for you...

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Kid O have a lovely sense of simplicity in their designs.  The Kid O truck has been a favourite first birthday present of ours for years.   Recently Kate took one home and let her 16 month old have a drive. Here's what she thought -

We were very excited when the Kid-O truck arrived - Joe (16mths) was happy with something new and different....

Things I learnt while in covid Isolation.

I started the year very quietly.  New Years Eve at home, like many others.  For the first time in a long time I was following the trend! 

But after a visit with a friend I got the dreaded text - I'm positive...

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