Why we LOVE wooden toys.

Why we love Wooden toys

Love wooden toys


When people ask me what I do I say  'I have an online toys store that sells gorgeous, beautiful toys.'   Many of the toys we sell are wooden toys, they don't have to be, but so often the wooden toys are the ones that are classic style and beautiful.


Why?   Why is a wooden toy so much nicer than a plastic toy and why do we love them so much. 



Well here are 5 reasons why I love Wooden toys: 


Being a natural product, wood has a warmth to it. Each piece is different, with the grains of the wood giving slight variations to each piece. The colours of the wood, the grain and tones of the wood, but it's also the feel. Smooth and gentle.



They last longer.  This is not always the case, we have some fabulous plastic toys that are tough and beautiful (have you seen the Kid-O range?)  but generally plastic toys are made cheaper and with smaller pieces, so that they are likely to break when under the pressure of a toddler. 



Wooden toys are simply made, they have simple form and design, which means that they leave a huge space for the imagination.  This car may be a red race car today and a police car tomorrow.   



It's good for the environment.  Well we know that wood is trees, trees grow, when wood is returned to the ground it does something cool, like decompose.  Plastic is a man made substance, it doesn't break down. 



Wood gets more beautiful the longer it's used. The oils on our hands work like a polish for wood toys, they add to the shine and the beauty of the wood. View our range of wooden toys online!


And wood has antibacterial properties....so it's great when the kids are all fingers and tongues!



- Helle.