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Fast cars, big cars, small cars and wooden cars. 

If it's toy cars for kids or any other toy vehicle that you seek, then you are definitely at the right place. Lucas Loves Cars are the one-stop online shop for the best toy cars and toy vehicles

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Large range of car toys.

First little toy cars for babies, cars for toddles and designer luxury toy cars for dad. We have a range that includes Monster trucks, Cement trucks, Firetrucks, Race cars and  Beach buggies.  Cars in natural wood or bright colours. 

There are books about cars, Puzzles with cars and trucks too. Add some roads for your toy cars to drive down and road signs to add to the play.

Drive them on the floor, in the car, or on the walls. There are little cars to fit in a ‘keep them busy bag’ or larger cars which can be pulled apart and put back together again to make new exciting vehicles.  

 Vroom Vroom!