Travel toys

We stock a large range of quality travel toys for kids.

Travel toys need to be easy to take with you and fun to use when you are out and about on the road or on a plane. Our travel toys collection can help keep your kids busy and entertained on long trips.

Travel toys are absolutely necessary as they keep children engaged while travelling.

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Tips for Travelling with Kids

  • Wrap the toys.   Part of the fun will be opening the toy to see what is inside.  Use old drawings, newspaper, (remember those!?)  or reuse the paper bags from the shopping.   Give them to the kids one at a time so they have something new to play with.
  • Pack snacks.   Hungry kids are always going to be grumpier!   No playing while you eat.  This gives them a break to come back to play.
  •  Think of your travel toys in a similar way as the snacks.  Short bursts of energy and play. Small toys to engage them, and a range to choose from. A book, a wooden toy, a car, a puzzle.
  • Be realistic. A kid who will not sit and play with a toy at home for 1 hour will most likely not enjoy being on a plane with that toy for an hour.
  • Eye Spy is always a fun game, especially on car trips.  Spot the car is a game we made up and still love to play.