Wooden Toys

We adore wooden toys at Lucas loves cars.  We select our wooden toys with a focus on quality, beauty, imagination and the open-ended fun they inspire.

The quality of a wooden toy is only matched by the beauty of nature that inspires play.  Toys that can be handed down to the next generation and will hold the memories of hours of play.

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Why we love Wooden Toys

You only have to look at wooden toys to see how easy they are to love.  The natural grains means each piece is unique and the more you play the more beautiful they become.

Wooden toys  are soft and warm to touch.  Fun and safe to chew, and as you use wooden toys the oils in your hands actually increases the beauty of the wood in the toys.

Great for the environment and a beautiful gift for a nursery or play room.  Wooden toys will enhance any space, just like a beautiful vase or piece of furniture.