Don't run around town and end up giving Dad another set of hankies, or bottle of Old Spice. We have the perfect present for dad, whether they are a golf lover, footy fanatic or car crazy, this gift will suit them all.

If you have a father that is hard to buy for we have a cute, fun and free present that they will love.  We know what it's like when either they have the gadgets already, or they want specific make and model so you can't shop for them, so we have created something that will simplify your Father's Day.


Free Fathers day printable | Fathers day gift idea | Lucas loves cars


Simply print out these free printable sheets and have the kids colour them in.  Dad will love these fun printable vouchers, tailored to suit his favourite things.

Free Fathers day printable | Fathers day gift idea | Lucas loves cars Fathers Day Printables | Lucas loves cars

Ask the kids what they think Dad would want - I'm sure you will be chuckling at the answers!

Here are some voucher ideas we have come up with to get you started:
A back massage
A sleep in
A cuddle
An afternoon to watch the footy
Your choice of take-away
A game of golf 

    Don't worry if the colouring is not within the lines!  Next year you will look back at these vouchers with love and the kids will be wondering....did I really do that?


      Fathers Day Printable vouchers  | Home made fathers day gifts | Lucas loves cars



      Not only a great gift for Father's Day, these vouchers would make a fun activity to complete together on father's day.  Then Dad can have a chance of sneaking in some ideas for things that he would really like!  

      Or he could have a sleep in while the kids are busy colouring in. I think that will be the option at our house.



      Free Fathers day printable | Fathers day gift idea for kids  | Lucas loves cars


      These vouchers aren't just for Father's Day!  Print them out and use them for hard-to-buy-for grandfather's birthday gift.  With a simple I love you voucher it can be used for Grandad, Pop, Grandmother or Aunt!


      Share your artwork with us - we always love to see your vouchers - either post them to our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram  #lucaslovescars.

      Free Fathers day printable | Fathers day gift idea | Lucas loves cars


      Now that you are feeling crafty, how about adding some more home made goodness to go with the vouchers?  Check out our LAST MINUTE Fathers Day gifts blog.  It has some fun fathers day gifts that are full of heart! 


      What were your vouchers for?  My favourite suggestion from Lucas was 'a kick of the footy'.  


      - Helle.