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Fun and Unusual Fathers Day Gift Guide

 I am a BIG fan of socks and PJ's as a Fathers day gift.  Things that he needs, something for Lucas to hand over and something to unwrap.   Tick, tick, tick.

Of course, if he gave me socks and PJ's for Mothers Day I would be pretty miffed.  So let's get a little bit fun and think of something he wont need but will LOVE! 


Fathers Day gift ideas

5 great ideas for a last minute Fathers Day gift.

Keep the kids busy and create a heart warming gift - 

because we all know nothing beats Hand Made!  


Fathers day gift ideas | Free Printable| Lucas loves cars

Don't run around town and end up giving Dad another set of hankies, or bottle of Old Spice. We have the perfect present for dad, whether they are a golf lover, footy fanatic or car crazy, this gift will suit them all.

Simply print out these free printable sheets and have the kids colour them in.  Dad will love these fun printable vouchers, tailored to suit his favourite things.


DIY Father day gift ideas 

I love a home made gift and I love Pinterest.  I am also time poor with a 5 yr old that doesn't like to spend hours on crafty things.   So these are quick and easy! 

With Fathers Day coming up I have put together a little list of things that we will be doing for Dad.


1 - Honey I shrunk the kids!

Remember shrinking chip packets?  Now you can shrink the kids.


Turn your kids into a keyring, a fun little broach or tie pin. 

The post on Oh Happy Day is easy to follow, with a couple of great ideas.

We bought our Shrinky paper from ebay.  For this project make sure you purchase the plastic that is made for INKJET printers. If you have some plastic left over here is a link to a page that has 50+ Shink film projects!

This can also be done by laminating a picture if you don't want to buy the shrinkies.


2 - All about Dad

I love printables where the kids answer questions about Dad.  

Click on the image to go to the printable pages.  

We do these every year and it's so cute to see the changes as the kids get bigger.
There are a lot of options out there, these ones were from


3  - Coupon Book 

Another cute idea, for slightly bigger kids to participate in is a coupon book

Click on the image to go to the printable pages.

These coupons are for simple, wonderful little gifts, like a hug or a kiss. We love these ones because they have simple designs that can be coloured in by little people.  From 3boysandadog 


4 - DAD Card Printable.

A simple DAD card coloured in by your little one.  

 Now that's simple, fun and sweet. 

A perfect idea for a lsat minute cheap gift.  Or as a card to accompany a gift. Simple print out the printable from Kidspot here.


5 - The Car Mat T-shirt.

What would be better than a t-shirt that encourages the kids to drive cars on your back.  It keeps the kids entertained AND Dad gets a back rub.


Click on the image to go to the etsy page.
This was a father day gift for the head mechanic last year and we loved the little story book to encourage the kids to drive around.


6 - Some adorable gifts from Lucas loves cars. 

If dad is crazy about cars then we have put together a few gifts that he would love.  Simply click here.


Vroom Vroom

- Helle.