9 ways we Reduce Reuse and Recycle as a Small Business

As a small business we believe how we do things is important.  We work hard to provide a great service to our customers, and behind the scenes one of our values is to be sustainable and reduce waste.


We do things every day that you don't see...but which help us to keep our eco footprint low, wanna see how we do it? Read on!




1 - Choosing our Brands

There are a lot of reasons we choose the Brands we stock.  It's not just the quality, fun and the beauty of the products.  It is also about the brand values.

Brands that use recycled Plastic, like Green Toys and Dantoy.

Brands that use FSC certified wood like BigJigs and XX

Brands that are working on removing plastic from their packaging like Aussie brands Tiger Tribe and Papoose.  And Brands that only use cardboard, Grapat.


eco friendly toy brands

2 - Packaging that is recyclable

We package 100% of our orders in cardboard and recycled paper.

Oops, no, it's more like 95%, some items are packaged in bubble wrap that we have received from suppliers and reuse.   When we run out of bubble wrap to reuse we use corn starch peanuts which are biodegradable.



3 -  We have a Cardboard Box Mountain

When we receive deliveries the boxes that are still sturdy and strong are reused.  Often they are not reused straight away, so we have a box mountain.

You may have received your order in a box that we have reused.

 recycle boxes


4 -  Fun for the Childcare

When we supply our Childcare centres we package and protect the toys with the cardboard inserts from the tape rolls.   Any roll, from our tape or wrapping paper is added to a box ready to go to the kids..

They use them in their craft areas and for imaginative play.

            Recycle small business

5 -  Packaging from suppliers

As we mentioned earlier, We reuse as much of the packaging we can from our suppliers.  We keep the bubble wrap, the paper, cardboard and as much as we can to reuse it as we need.


6 - Using donated Paper bags for Click and Collect

We love when out customers click and collect.  When our paper bags are running low, we put a call out to our local community to ask for donations. 

Allowing people in our local community to clear out their cupboards, and giving us bags which we then use for pick up orders. 

Everyone wins, and our customers love that we are reducing unnecessary waste.

Want to donate some bags?  Reach out!



7 - Breaking down Boxes

Any boxes that are too battered for us to reuse, we chop up to use as smaller packaging, storage, or add to our cardboard recycling bin.


Last one - We use our excess AusPost labels! 

We even use the excess Australia post labels to make our gift notes, and to label our Product storage boxes.


Oh and of course, the most sustainable thing we do..

We pack and prepare your deliveries with care so they arrive ready to play.


These simple steps allow us to keep our rubbish down to one little bag each week...and our cardboard recycling box is not often full.


We hope you laugh and play today.

- Helle.


Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch.