Grapat toys are hand made in Spain. A brand known for creating stunning wooden open-ended toys.  Handmade from sustainable timbers and finished with safe natural waxes and oils of vegetable origin. 

And their packaging is all plastic free.


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Unique Wooden Toys from Grapat.

The Grapat team take great inspiration from nature and the world between nature and imagination.

With toys that allow your child to use their imagination, and enjoy the unique toys of the Wonder and the Wilds. 

Or allowing your child to create beauty and use logic and patterns with beautiful, colourful Mandala patterns.

Beautiful toys to learn colour matching using the amazing Lola set, rainbow rings and small parts play these toys will be out every day. There is so much to love with this stunning brand.

You will find that there are so many ways to play with these beautiful wooden Grapat  toys.  And they look adorable on your shelf.  Open ended quality toys at their best.