Supporting Love Your Sister

10 years ago Sam had this crazy plan to ride a unicycle around Australia.

For a charity called Love your Sister.  

You see, his sister had breast cancer and they wanted to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, early detection is vital,  and also provide money to help fight it.

I watched, I cheered, I donated and I fell in love with Sam's sister Connie.

love your sister

Like most of Australia I have love Samuel Johnson for many years.

I have loved him since the first episode of The Secret Life of Us.   I was the perfect age to fall in love with Sam's scruff,  cheeky character.  It was so fun being swept up in the lives and drama of the characters on that fabulous show. Pre Binge TV, This was one of those shows you put in your diary and planned your week around.

For the younger folks, find it and watch it, binge it!  Aussie TV at its best. 

Love your sister supporter

So I heard about Sam and Connie, and this unicycle trek and I have a sister I love, so I became a supporter of Love Your Sister. Some of my favourite t-shirts are from LYS.  You have probably seen me in them over the years.

Back in September 2013 Lucas loves cars raised money and donated part of the sales to Love Your Sister.    Doing our part to raise awareness for this amazing charity.

We even went to a Love your Sister Charity Gala to present our cheque.
I will never forget that night and the amazing opportunity to meet Connie  (she truely was adorable and so lovely)  and of course see Sam in action.


Love your sister
So, before I get lost in the memories, let's talk less about me and more about the amazing work Love your sister is doing. 

In the last 10 years the profile of Love Your sister has absolutely exploded, and I'm sure you have heard of the Village that Sam and his friends have created.

They started with a goal to raise a Million Dollars to help fight Breast Cancer.
And just like the Dr Evil in the Austin Powers Movie, 1 Millions dollars wasn't enough! 

They have raised an incredible $16M so far.

A lot of it that has been hard work, through selling T-shirts, hoodies, socks, bags and books.  Dancing with the stars and anything Sam can do to get this cause some airplay.  (Including eating a huntsman - eww)

Sam is not only unstoppable in his energy, he is also very eloquent and has brought together same famous friends to create books too. 


We have joined Love your sister as one of SAMS 1000.   


This year I have been looking back over our 10 years of business. 10 years of fun, hard work, passion and with plenty of ups and downs, just like the story of Sam, Connie and the Love Your Sister crew.

So now it's time we commit to Love Your Sister once again. 

We are so proud to support this amazing charity,  Sam and his many many helpers. 

I am a Villager.


 Love your sister sams 1000