Fun dinosaur activities 0

Dino activites | Lucas loves cars 4 Dinosaur activities you can do at home, with the toys you have around the house.

Fun dinosaur activities that you can do at home. 
Low cost, low clean up and BIG on the fun.


As easy as ABC ... Learning through play. 0

Learning through play | Lucas loves cars Did you know, school isn't the only place where our kids learn?

They are always on.. listening and learning when they are watching you. They also learn when they are having fun and playing.

So - let's play!

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Bath toys - can be dangerous. 0

How to clean your bath toys  | Lucas loves cars Did you know that many kids bath toys are the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. 

We have a 5 minute cleaning regime for you - which uses products from your pantry.  Easy, quick and safe. 



Australian gifts ideas for kids babies | Australian toy store | Lucas loves cars For my whole life I have had most of my family overseas.  Cousins, uncles, aunts and now the next generation of kids.   When a birthday came around, or when we were lucky enough to go for a visit, I would spend hours searching for gifts that weren't.....well, weren't NAFF.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar 0

Better than chocolate!  OK - not really, but it's a close second.

We have had an advent book tree for the last few years and I'm so happy to say it's a tradition that Lucas and I both love.