What to buy a 4 year old 


4 years of gifts, is there anything left to give a 4 year old that they don't already have!?  There sure is!  We have toys for 4 year olds that will have them entertained AND learning.  The best way to learn is through play,  so let's get playing! 

Magnetibook Alphabet

Having fun with letters is a great way to encourage language.  Choose one of the funky illustration magnets and then spell it with the alphabet pieces, or simply write your name! 

Sturdy magnetic box comes complete with 26 illustrated pieces and 104 letters.  Use the illustrations to help spell with the alphabet words.

Styled like a book, this sturdy magnetic box sits open for ease of use.  It is small enough to sit on your lap and because it is magnetic it is great for travel. 



ReCycle Me - Egg carton - boys kit

Inspire their creativity and use up the egg cartons after Sunday breakfast. 

This kit will help you to spark their ideas for creation and building.

All you need to supply is an egg carton or two and some craft (PVA) glue.  5 different items to be made. 

Choose from egg cartons, milk bottles, soft drink bottles and toilet roll crafts. 





Activity Book - Beat the clock

Everything can be turned into a game if you have to beat the clock!

Whether you're inside or outside, at home, the park this Beat the Clock Stopwatch Set is jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to get the kids off the screen and exploring time -- and beating it!

From keeping balloons in the air, to running around the block, to setting the table, these fun time-based activities will delight and entertain children for hours. Great for solo play or with friends, test your skills and reflexes against time with this innovative activity set.

Each set includes:

  • Stopwatch (battery included)
  • Challenge book
  • Handy storage box
  • 2 balloons
  • 1 HB pencil for recording the stats.


Mister Moon's Musicbox

We know that boys have treasures and now they have a box to store them in.  Let the fabulous Mr Moon look over them and keep them safe in this fabulous music box.

Plays  - 'The Entertainer' while our superhero spins. 

Wind up from the back, little clasp at the front. This quality wood box will held their treasures for years. 



tap tap vehicles | Lucas loves cars | 4 yr old gift

tap tap vehicles | Lucas loves cars | 4 yr old gift

 One of our ALL TIME favourites! 

Let them use their imagination and enhance their fine motor skills with this fantastic car creator. 

This game in a box allows your little one to create their own unique vehicle or use the cards as a guide. Either way they will spend hours mixing and matching the colourful wooden pieces, then securing them with nails on the cork board.



Didn't quite find what you're looking for....or maybe you're looking for a little bit more? 

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Thanks for playing with us. 

- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.