Healthy lunch habits for kids.

As parents we all want heathy kids don't we.  That's a given. Teaching them the right foods to eat is such a minefield though, when you look online.  It's hard enough as an adult, don't eat carbs, have a balanced diet, moderation.  Eggs are good, chocolate is bad, chocolate is good, eggs are bad.  


Frosted by Nicci Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster says that Cookie are a sometimes food, not an everyday food. Good one Cookie Monster!   If I can only have a cookie sometimes then I will always choose one that looks, and tastes this good. This gorgeous cookie was made by the clever FrostedbyNicci 


So where were we?  Oh yes.  healthy eating!  

Healthy eating sometimes seems to be a fashion thing.  Remember the pineapple diet? The 5-2 and the Pritikin diet - and Paleo too!

I'm not a nutritionalist, and I don't like diets - so my ONE TIP for healthy eating has always been portion control.  Even the food pyramid is in doubt by some experts.   I'm not going into the details, because as I said I'm not a nutritionalist.  


As a Mum I know that I want my kid to eat more vegetables and fruit and less that comes wrapped in plastic. 


To do that in our house, we have a fun and easy habit that has Lucas already understanding that the treat is a small portion and vegetable should make up a large part of his meal. 


We use our colourful Tyrrell Katz snack boxes.


Dinosaur snack boxes | Lucas loves cars

Sounds too easy doesn't it!?  It's not.  Simple, repetitive messages are a great way to teach our kids. 

Recently we were away for a few days and Nanny and Poppy had to make School lunch for Lucas.   He told them - The green one is for vegetables, the red one is for dry biscuits, and the little blue one has a treat.  (usually Tiny teddys in our house)

The big box is opened at fruit break, the middle one is opened after lunch, and if he has time it's time for a treat.  OK, he's not a saint, sometimes the treat is eaten before the sandwich.  That's OK we all slip up sometimes!  ( TimTams packet last Friday night!)

Lucas knows,  the little box is the treat box and he often will mention it when we talk about food, sweets and healthy eating.


wheels snack boxes Tyrrell Katz



Two gorgeous designs to choose from - Dinosaurs or Working wheels and they come with a matching lunchbox, and meals set. 


Healthy eating kids portions

Our snack boxes after a party weekend. 


We love them and have used them for years, but don't just take our word for it -  Here is a review that we received from another Mum: 

Versatile and easy to use

My son has a set of both cars and dinosaurs snack boxes. They are great - they stay closed but are also easy to open. They go on the top shelf of the dishwasher and they are top quality plastic- 5 stars!


- Helle.