Lucas loves cars 5th Birthday HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway - Worth $505

Lucas loves cars giveaway


Yep, you read that right ...

5th Birthday HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway.

You could WIN $505 worth of Tiger Tribe Products! 


Well it wouldn't be a Birthday month here at Lucas loves cars without a HUGE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!  And this year, because we are turning 5 - we decided it needs to be a $500 Giveaway.   Well $505 to be exact. 


Finding it hard to imagine how much that is?  Want to see want that looks like?  I know you do.

Here is a video I took to show you just how much you will win.  It had to be sped up or we would be here ALL DAY!  



Have you seen so much fun in one place!?  Well I have, it's called a Toy Store!  You could win you very own toy store.  


Why is it all Tiger Tribe stuff?    

Well it's because it's all fabulous stuff!  

I LOVE Tiger Tribe!  Always have. They were the first order I made for my business and they keep designing and making gorgeous new things.  Like the Shrinkies that Lucas and I have been playing with for days. 

We have new Tiger Tribe stuff this month and I had a Playdate with Anthony, which you can see here.  So really it's all about Tiger Tribe.


Can you Imagine....

      Having activities to keep the kids busy through the school holidays.
      Having a FULL present cupboard.
      NOT having to go shopping for Christmas presents this year.
      A box full of toys being delivered to your door.  That you didn't pay for! 


Was it hard to see all the goodies in that video?  Did it go too fast for you?  It was a speedy race through wasn't it....


Here's the list of what you will get - if you win! 

  • Colouring Set - Boys' Favourites
  • Colouring Set - Cars & Trucks
  • Colouring Set - Dinosaur
  • Foil Art - Under the Sea 
  • Beat the Clock - Stopwatch Set
  • Squadron Racers - Vintage Planes
  • Top Secret Missions - Detective Set 
  • How to Draw - Wild Kingdom 
  • How to Draw - Fantasy 
  • Tribe of Dinosaurs - CDU/20 
  • My Diary - Top Secret - CDU/12
  • Skittles - Dinosaurs
  • World Globe - Animal 30cm
  • Propeller Jets
  • Magan Carry - Dino World
  • Magan Carry - At the Park
  • Magan Carry - Emergency Rescue
  • Magan Carry - In the Jungle
  • Magna Carry - Pirate Adventures 
  • Magic Painting World - Dinosaurs
  • Magic Painting World - Things that Go
  • Sticker World - Animals Abound
  • Sticker World - On the Move
  • Boxset - Pirate Island


Phew!   Sore fingers from typing all of that in.  

Here is what it looks like all in one long line.....


That didn't work very well did much stuff means the line is very very VERY long and everything is little. It really doesn't let you see much of anything. 


How about a huge pile of goodies - all stacked up. 


Lucas loves cars Tiger Tribe Giveaway


WOWSERS! Now that's a prize! 

There will only be ONE WINNER!  
For the chance to WIN ALL THESE GOODIES!

1- Simply subscribe below

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2 - Answer this question- 

 What is your favourite Tiger Tribe product? 

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* ENDS  Wednesday 28th June 2017 8pm AEST
Entering will add you to the Lucas loves cars newsletter and the Tiger Tribe newsletter. 
Includes Australia Wide delivery.  (Australia only)
Entrants must be 18 yrs or older. 
Winner will be notified via email.



Lucas loves cars Tiger TRibe giveaway