Lucas loves cars 5th Birthday HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway - Worth $505


Lucas loves cars giveaway


Yep, you read that right ...

5th Birthday HUGE Tiger Tribe Giveaway.

You could WIN $505 worth of Tiger Tribe Products! 


Well it wouldn't be a Birthday month here at Lucas loves cars without a HUGE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!  And this year, because we are turning 5 - we decided it needs to be a $500 Giveaway.   Well $505 to be exact. 


Finding it hard to imagine how much that is?  Want to see want that looks like?  I know you do.

Here is a video I took to show you just how much you will win.  It had to be sped up or we would be here ALL DAY!  



Have you seen so much fun in one place!?  Well I have, it's called a Toy Store!  You could win you very own toy store.  


Why is it all Tiger Tribe stuff?    

Well it's because it's all fabulous stuff!  

I LOVE Tiger Tribe!  Always have. They were the first order I made for my business and they keep designing and making gorgeous new things.  Like the Shrinkies that Lucas and I have been playing with for days. 

We have new Tiger Tribe stuff this month and I had a Playdate with Anthony, which you can see here.  So really it's all about Tiger Tribe.


Can you Imagine....

      Having activities to keep the kids busy through the school holidays.
      Having a FULL present cupboard.
      NOT having to go shopping for Christmas presents this year.
      A box full of toys being delivered to your door.  That you didn't pay for! 


Was it hard to see all the goodies in that video?  Did it go too fast for you?  It was a speedy race through wasn't it....


Here's the list of what you will get - if you win! 

  • Colouring Set - Boys' Favourites
  • Colouring Set - Cars & Trucks
  • Colouring Set - Dinosaur
  • Foil Art - Under the Sea 
  • Beat the Clock - Stopwatch Set
  • Squadron Racers - Vintage Planes
  • Top Secret Missions - Detective Set 
  • How to Draw - Wild Kingdom 
  • How to Draw - Fantasy 
  • Tribe of Dinosaurs - CDU/20 
  • My Diary - Top Secret - CDU/12
  • Skittles - Dinosaurs
  • World Globe - Animal 30cm
  • Propeller Jets
  • Magan Carry - Dino World
  • Magan Carry - At the Park
  • Magan Carry - Emergency Rescue
  • Magan Carry - In the Jungle
  • Magna Carry - Pirate Adventures 
  • Magic Painting World - Dinosaurs
  • Magic Painting World - Things that Go
  • Sticker World - Animals Abound
  • Sticker World - On the Move
  • Boxset - Pirate Island


Phew!   Sore fingers from typing all of that in.  

Here is what it looks like all in one long line.....


That didn't work very well did much stuff means the line is very very VERY long and everything is little. It really doesn't let you see much of anything. 


How about a huge pile of goodies - all stacked up. 


Lucas loves cars Tiger Tribe Giveaway


WOWSERS! Now that's a prize! 

There will only be ONE WINNER!  
For the chance to WIN ALL THESE GOODIES!

1- Simply subscribe below

(even if you are already on our newsletter list) 


2 - Answer this question- 

 What is your favourite Tiger Tribe product? 

 (Comment on this blog below!) 



* ENDS  Wednesday 28th June 2017 8pm AEST
Entering will add you to the Lucas loves cars newsletter and the Tiger Tribe newsletter. 
Includes Australia Wide delivery.  (Australia only)
Entrants must be 18 yrs or older. 
Winner will be notified via email.



Lucas loves cars Tiger TRibe giveaway


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  • Helle Warming
Comments 127
  • Craig Stanford
    Craig Stanford

    Top secret missions…… for the inner spy in all of us

  • ELyssa

    The How to Draws are awesome and I’d love the Stopwatch game for my hard to motivate 5 yr old!

  • ELyssa

    The How to Draws are awesome and I’d love the Stopwatch game for my hard to motivate 5 yr old!

  • Fiona

    My favourite would have to be the cars & trucks colouring set. I NEED this as my little boy says my car isn’t colourful enough. Hopefully he can design his own colourful cars instead of wanting to decorate my actual car

  • cleo

    Magnetic playbook

  • Whitney Firmin
    Whitney Firmin

    The Pull Back Aeroplane. Something so simple but so beautiful keeps the little one mesmerized.

  • VAnessa Ahern
    VAnessa Ahern

    The Stopwatch Tiger Tribe Set for something a little different.

  • Carli

    The How-To-Draws! All of them!!

  • BRooke

    The stopwatch set is a family favourite! Was a hit on Christmas Day with every event being timed as recorded, as well an ongoing homework and washing up challenges!

  • Nicola

    Magan carry case – dino world, my lil man would go mad for this.

  • Glenda Wort
    Glenda Wort

    The giant world globe ball is simply super.

  • Emma Swan
    Emma Swan

    The airport box set! We bought one for our little boys first birthday as we went to the airport alot as daddy travels alot for work and he absolutely loves it! It has made it so much easier to calm him when daddy is away as we play with the planes taking off and landing as daddy always comes home.

  • Sarah

    That’s a tough question, but my kids really love the magna carry cases. Anything Tiger Tribe is a winner in our house!

  • FIona

    Both my boys absolutely love the Tiger Tribe Magic Painting World! We have the things that go one, and they’re getting dinosaurs for a surprise when we travel next!

  • Eliza

    I brought the ‘beat the clock’ stopwatch game for my nephew last Christmas which was a massive hit! My daughter loves the bath stories.

  • Nelly

    We love the magnificent world of ABC series. Love that they are magnetised for easy travel and have the letters and pictures to match ?

  • Jody SMITH
    Jody SMITH

    Magnetic Play book – building site

  • Sarah

    My little guy loves the Bathtimes stories Pirate set. Makes bathtime so much fun. Magna carry sets are also a fav ?

  • Fran

    My little Lucas loves the box sets- especially the airport!! So much fun to be had with Tiger Tribe ❤️

  • Lisa Thomson
    Lisa Thomson

    Giant Inflatable World Globe Ball, that does often hit the wall!
    But the kids love it, and make up games with it.
    The best and most hilarious game is when they hit the ball they have to talk in the language of the country their hand hits. Although they don’t know the language of most countries, it’s interesting to hear what they think other people talk like.

  • Natalie

    We love the tiger tribe magnetic scenes great for in the car or at a restaurant ??

  • Kaitlyn

    Any of the magna carry cases! They have been so amazing to take on our overseas trips!!

  • MAy

    The box set airplane is my favourite for imaginative play and then for creative I love the shrinkies

  • Corinne

    Bath stories is a winner for us! My little love would certainly tell you especially pirate bath stories!

  • Peta-Lee Bartlett
    Peta-Lee Bartlett

    We LOVE the Tiger Tribe Bath Stories Sets in our house. So much fun for the bath or shower

  • Natalie Hollis
    Natalie Hollis

    We love the magna park set. A perfect unisex gift and a wonderful distraction at cafes/restaurants when mumma just wants to chat with her friends!

  • Amy

    My boys love the Magna carry emergency vehicles and magic paint things that go. Always great for entertaining them, especially when out and about or traveling

  • Suzanne

    So much to love about Tiger Tribe & it certainly stands the test of time. We love the colouring sets – looks good, great quality & so convenient to take anywhere and everywhere.

  • Jo-Anne

    Our favourite is the beautiful Magna Carry Forest Fairies! Great for when we are out and about!

  • Mel

    Both of our kids LOVE their colouring in sets. My favourite Tiger Tribe is the How to draw set. Lots of fun for the family- littlies and big ‘kids’ too!

  • HArry

    My daughter loves her magnet mermaid book. It’s so great for imaginary play she loves putting all the pieces back in their spots too.

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday!
    We love the Magna Carry sets – we have one and bought many for pressies. Great to keep little ones busy when out at cafes/restaurants, car trips, anytime really! The design is awesome so we can pack flat and pop it away. Love it!

  • Olivia

    Happy birthday! My kiddies’ favourite Tiger Tribe product (and mine in fact) is the colouring set. So great for traveling and on-the-go!

  • JAye

    The Tiny Dinosour Box. Fits in all bags, great on planes, lunchboxs and gets played with constantly.

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G

    Happy 5th Birthday! So hard to chose just one favourite from Tiger Tribe, but the magnetic play sets are a hit with my magnet-crazy toddler!

  • Andrea WIgmore
    Andrea WIgmore

    I love love the inflatable world globes. Such amazing products. Educational, fun, portable and appealing to such a vast age range!
    A definite fave in our household!

  • Shona

    My daughter loves their little card, sticker and envelope sets. The unicorn one was a huge hit!

  • Catherine Chugg
    Catherine Chugg

    Love the Magna carry cases, great for car trips. Would love to collect them all!

  • Georgie

    My favourite Tiger ? Tribe product is the colouring sets! They are a parents best friend, keeping busy little minds entertained when out and about!

  • kelly

    My kids have LOVED all the art kits….we’ve had paper dolls, crowns, postcards, spy kit, boys colouring, girls colouring, magic pen dinosaurs, magic pen fairy gardens, you name it we’ve had the lot!!! Essential for any kind of car trips and making restaurant dinners bearable for years now!! We take them everywhere and it makes a nice change from the kids wanting screen time all of the time!! We love tiger tribe!!! ps happy birthday lucas loves cars, here’s to many more!!!

  • Maria

    While all of your toys are great to boost the child imagination, I would select the mini patrernation one. We have it at home and also share it as a gift with other little once. Great tool to boost the creativity in a portable format!

  • Alison

    My husband is a Detective with Victoria Police so my kids love the top secret missions Detective set so they can pretend to be just like Daddy! We also love the police wooden toys!

  • Jo

    My favourite Tiger Tribe toy is the colouring sets. They’re perfect in the car. My 3 kids have one each and they have loved using them for several years. I also gift these sets for birthday presents as I think they’re amazing with the amount of use ours get.

  • Rachel

    I’m not going to say what I love, but say what my kids love… the love the colouring sets, the foil art sets and the skittles! So much fun!

  • Alicia Thoman
    Alicia Thoman

    I love the Colouring Sets! They’re great for taking in the car or plane when travelling. They’re even useful to pop in your bag when going out to dinner to keep the kids entertained so the adults can chat.

  • MIchelle Easton
    MIchelle Easton

    I love Tiger Tribe, all their stuff is lots of old school fun, some things I remember doing as a kid, so awesome my kids can do things with me that I would never think to make myself. The craft kits are easy and entertaining and I always have a soft spot for their super cute wooden toys.

  • MElanie

    How fun does the Top secret missions – detectives set sound!! Although to be honest any (or all) tiger tribe products are amazing. My kids would love love love them (do you sense the excitement!)

  • Anna

    Tiger Tribe know what they’re doing when it comes to creating toys
    The masters of fun & function for little girls & boys.
    It is the one brand I always run to when there’s gift shopping to be done
    I only wish it had been around when I was a little one.
    When it comes to choosing a favourite product, it’s not an easy feat
    But to me, there’s one that just can’t be beat.
    The Inflatable World Globe is my pick of the lot
    The perfect geographic tool for every inquisitive tot.
    It encourages little ones to point & ask questions on a particular country
    Whether it be population, language spoken or “Can we go there Mummy?”!
    I love the fact that its portable too so it’s great for trips away
    For sleepovers at Nanna’s house or just at home on a rainy day.
    So thank you Tiger Tribe, you really are the best in every possible way
    A quality brand, tried & trusted that will inject colour & fun into your day.

  • Leah

    Personally, I love the world globe of animals, but I think my kids would have an amazing time with the dinosaur tribe.

  • Erin

    It would have to be the tribe of dinosaurs for my Dino loving little girl. She would love to roar around with her daddy with them.

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