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Are there too many cars in your toy box? It’s a hard thing to determine, what is too many? Is it more than 20, or more than 200?


Many boys would say that there is no such things as too many car toys. Although I agree and I find it hard to understand the concept of 'too many cars', I do think there should be more to play time than racing cars around the imaginary race track.


Often, with Lucas,  it was the relatives that didn’t want to buy more cars, ‘He has too many cars already’ they would say to me. Though they didn’t see that each car had a personality and was treated differently. Some good for racing, some better for hard work or destruction derby.  Of course they wanted to buy something different, something unique, not another set of wheels when they thought they all looked the same anyway.


So if you are like me, and have a car loving little boy, who has so many cars that you can’t even count them all…then read on, because we have some great ideas for toys that they will love.  Let's add variety in their play! 

We know what you’re looking for and we have the answer for you.  



First option for a car lover - You buy them roads of course!


WaytoPlay roads, rubber roads that go anywhere.

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These WAYTOPLAY roads are wide enough to have cars driving in both directions. They are thick rubber which is flexible and tough enough to go on the carpet, outside on the grass or even in the sandpit.

We also love that, because it comes in pieces, you can make the road different each time you play.


OYOY Adventure rug,  decorative and fun.

OYOY Adventure rug

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These cotton rugs are give the kids a place to play cars and it is so stylish you will love the look of it in the bedroom or playroom.  

 We have a wide range of roads for our cars to drive on.  



PlayNGo - Storage bag which is a playmat.

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When you have 'too many cars' you need a spot to store them all. That is why this playmat is a winner with Mum and the kids.

This storage mat holds all the cars, and then when the kids are ready for play time you have roads for them to drive their cars on. We love the fabulous details like a petrol bowser and a car park




So when you have roads, and you have cars, how about adding some buildings to your play space. When you add buildings, you add that element of role play where the cars are going to visit, or are off to the store.

Grimms wooden houses.

Grimms wooden houses

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Beautiful wooden blocks, minimalistic building that you can set up any way you like.   Today the blue one will be the pool, and the yellow building will be the bakery. Let’s go to the bakery after we take a swim, we will be hungry!

Hascombe House 



Hascombe house Indigo Jamm Lucas loves cars

Hascombe doll house | Lucas loves cars

This beautiful dolls house comes furnished and is home to a sweet little family too. Perfectly matching in size and style to all the Indigo Jamm products, including Charlie Car and Colin Camper Van.  The little peg people can come out of their vehicles and visit.  


4 - Road signs

If you have cars, roads and buildings you will soon need traffic signs. A great way to teach the kids about road safety, and also help keep order in your little village.

20 Australian Road SIGNS

Aussie road signs | Lucas loves cars

20 Australian road signs that will add some stop and start to your role play. School’s out, watch for the kids! Watch out for the kangaroos in this area, we’re heading into the bush.


5 - A Statement piece light.

Decorate their rooms with the things that they love. 


A construction truck night light.

Buy online | Construction night light | Lucas loves cars
Every little truck lover would happily fall asleep with this Construction trucks night light keeping away the monsters!

Remote controlled with multiple function settings, plug into the wall (no batteries!)

Dim the light for bedtime or set to maximum brightness to use as a side lamp or night light.


An Excavator desk lamp.

A statement light that will look stunning in any bedroom. 

This LED table lamp has been made from precision cut plywood pieces that slot together to create this amazing 3D lamps. 



There is nothing wrong with playing with toy cars for hours and hours and hours, if the kids are engaged and enjoying themselves.

The toys we have suggested will extend their play and keep the car lovers engaged, while allowing them more opportunities for role play. It will help kids to play together as there will be more chance for interaction and non-car lovers will have additional play opportunities.     It’s also a great way to keep Mum interested during play time!


 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.