We are now an AWARD Winning Business.

Ohh..it's so weird to actually say that.   I am Helle Warming and I own Lucas loves cars - an award winning business!  

It's fun to say. 

On Saturday night I won at the Motivating Mums Brilliant Biz Award for Best Social Media Success Story.


Lucas loves cars ins Motivating Mums award

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 


The small writing on the Certificate mentions that I won for my use of Brand Reps, Influencers and the combination of my photographs and supplied images from the brands.   There's something about excellent engagement too.  That's the best bit, when you guys comment and I get to chat with you!

So I want to thank my Brand Reps - oh how lucky I was to find you LOVELY ladies!  So clever and such a big part of my success.

And also thank you to the influencers and the supporters that have  helped to share my gorgeous toys with the wider community.  So happy that the love we have received has been genuine and honest.

I do not pay for influencers or followers.

I love Motivating Mums, it was the first networking group that I joined and it opened up my eyes to the world of business friendships.   At the time I couldn't think of anything better than having a coffee and talking about my business, and other businesses too.  Because working from home, alone, with no experience in what I was doing....that was hard.  

Through the group I have met many fabulous business women, many who are now my helpers and guides and friends.  It's so much easier to share your struggles with someone who gets the struggle.  Days when things go wrong but also the wins.

I have worked so hard on my social media, my photos and posts, putting hours into reaching my audience and growing my crew.  Because I love what I do, and I actually love the photos and the interaction.

That is why it's been so wonderful to win an award for that effort.  It's always nice to have someone notice the work you do isn't it!?   Like when the kids say they like dinner, or hubby says thanks for doing the housework!



Motivating Mums awards - Lucas loves cars

I'm the one with my eyes closed!  - ha ha ha - 


Alli who runs Motivating Mums is next to me, giving out certificates and awards must be so much fun! 

The award was judged - not public vote.   It was sponsored by Loren from Imapctiv8  -  she is the one with the fabulous pink necklace.  (She's half of the Business Addicts which is my fave podcast - seriously fun ... I mean interesting! )

Also, a shout out to the other two finalists - who I met and are rather AWESOME! 

Check out Jo Violeta from  Violeta Finance   -  making Mortgage & Finance Broking social!

And Leonie Percy from  Yoga Mamata -  I'm going to be a guest on her Podcast soon.


Motivating Mums - Happiness Hunter - Share the Dignity - Impactiv8  - Lucas loves cars

Here's a photo from the night where I have my eyes open!  Some fabulous women running amazing businesses. 

 Biz Yourself    Impactiv8   The Happiness hunter   ME  

Kiss to Sell     Share the dignity 



 Award winner Lucas loves cars


So I'm slowly getting used to saying we are an Award Winning Business.

Here are our social links if you want to join the party.

You can tag us #lucaslovescars if you want to share a photo with us!  
I LOVE seeing the toys in action! 


Thanks for playing with us! 

- Helle