and it's not buying everyone chocolate 



Christmas can be a bit of a stress some times.  Especially when you are running around trying to grab a great gift for your brother in law or your elderly aunt.   And don't even get me started on the crowds! 

We have put together a little guide to help you get on top of your Christmas shopping...because we think shopping and giving should be fun. 


1 - Make a list  - then check it twice! 

Just like Santa, it helps to have a list.  Grab a scrap piece of paper, a page in your diary or do it in Excel.

We have created a template to inspire you, print it out and get started!   Doesn't matter where you make the list, it's the first thing you should do.

Now this is a bit like a wedding, don't be adding the second half cousin and the work mate that you see alternate weeks....or your coffee barrister. ( well, maybe add them, they are gold!)  

Once you have the list of people to buy for and you start buying presents then you can fill the details in.  be secretive and do an X - or if you forget what you have bought then write it down.  Just don't let people see it! 


2 - Snoop through all the cupboards. 

The best way to get to know what someone needs is to snoop through their cupboards!  Oops, we mean, take an interest in what they are doing and what they need.  If someone keeps saying, I need a gravy boat like that - then write it down on your list. 

Have they mentioned liking your jewellery on occasion?  Do they need a new shirt because they keep wearing the same checkered one to family BBQ's ?  Or maybe your kid loves playing with certain toys that your friends have.

3 - Ask their family.  

If you are purchasing for the kids then ask the parent.  Sometimes they wont have any idea either, sometimes you will be the third person to ask and they may have run out of ideas, but they can give you some ideas and information.   

If you're buying for an adult, then ask their other half, or for fun, ask their kids!  They might surprise you with some great ideas....or might say Mum loves chocolate ( well it's not a lie!) 

4 - Be open to inspiration! 

Sometimes the simple act of heading to the shops - or looking at stores online - will give you ideas for what you can purchase. You wont find great Christmas gifts if you don't at least frequent places that sell things! 

Online is great for inspiration because people are busy promoting gift guides, also check the new products and a best seller lists!  Check out our best sellers here.

And it doesn't have to be shops, it could be a brewery or a friends outfit.  If you are open to gift inspiration you will find the right gift idea comes from almost anywhere! 

5 - Start Early - that means start NOW! 

Sure the shops are open on December 24th, but a purchase made with time pressure is often not the best purchase.  Yes I'm thinking of the last bunch of flowers from the store. 

 And have you seen the crowds in the lead up to Christmas!?  Don't be one of those people.  If you can get some of your christmas shopping done ahead of time, then you can spend the Christmas period drinking, singing and being merry. 

And just think - If you get your list created and start the shopping now then you have a great excuse to go shopping - every weekend.  

We have created an easy printable for you to use....



Of course, if all of that fails - get them chocolate.