Play date with ...... Tiger Tribe

Hello there,   This is my series of blog posts about our fabulous suppliers.  I don't want to just copy their "About Us" page and call it a blog, I want to really meet them. 

So welcome - to our series of PLAY DATES!! 


A play date with Lucas loves cars

The first supplier that we are catching up with is Anthony (and Naomi) from Tiger Tribe.

Tiger Tribe toys


Some Background:

Anthony and Naomi are a husband and wife team who own and run Tiger Tribe.  Their dog Marley visits the warehouse and Tiger Tribe are celebrating 10 years in business later this year!

Anthony knows all about playdates, with two kids, aged 14 and 12.  Imagine how many toys they tested when they were younger!  

I asked Anthony a few things about Tiger Tribe before we got started, so you could get to know them a bit better too. 

Describe Tiger Tribe in 3 words.
Creative, Nostalgic and Fun

Why do you do what you do?
We love the design and product development process. We work with a fabulous team of illustrators and designers who are very talented and passionate. It is very satisfying going from a concept to a finished product. And then seeing that product on the shelf.

What did your kids go nuts for when they were toddlers?
They loved book time and bath time.  But most memorable was their love of dress ups…and putting on shows at family dinners.

Describe your perfect play date.
Great playground, great café and great company.

It’s time to go when?
When the kids start to get ratty.  

What is your favourite gift idea from Lucas loves cars?
Love the rainbow coloured stacking windmill – it’s divine.  (Check it out here) 

Play dates should include : Tea, coffee or wine?
I’m more of a tea or coffee person in the day time.
Wine is usually for the evening.    

Wine is for the evenings - well next time I think we should meet up in the evening Anthony!    

  - - - -


I asked Anthony and Tiger Tribe to be my first play date because Tiger Tribe was the first brand that I knew I wanted to stock in my store.  I had bought some of their fabulous products (The Magna Carry) for my nephew and have loved their brand ever since. 

So I knew I wanted Tiger Tribe to be in our store, and the order I made with Tiger Tribe was the FIRST EVER stock order I made. I still remember being nervous meeting Anthony, introducing myself and going through the list of products that I had decided to buy.  He was so interested in my store and my idea to start a business catering to boys, and car lovers.  We weren't even live back then, I was ordering stock while creating the website, I had my brand new business cards and a passion for what I wanted to do.  Anthony was so friendly and encouraging, and I can tell you from experience that not all suppliers are so nice to brand new unknown retailers.

So I have always been a big fan of the Tribe. The more I get to know Anthony, Naomi and their Tribe the more I adore how they run their business.  It is like a family and every single person who I speak to is friendly and happy and really interested in their products and customers.  It's so easy to work with people who love what they do. 

When I grow up I want to be like Tiger Tribe. 


Me with Anthony. We always have fun testing (playing with) their toys at the trade shows. 


Let's Play! 

Before I went for my visit I read  5 fun facts about Tiger Tribe.  Fact 4 - It usually takes about a year from new idea to finished product.  Now that's interesting.  I want to know more. 

I usually catch up with Tiger Tribe at the trade shows, but having worked with them for 5 years now, I have been to the Tiger Tribe warehouse a few times. It's a colourful place, with samples and toys everywhere you look.  They take the business of fun seriously!  Although I had a chat with Naomi when I arrived, she was more than happy to let Anthony have the playtime. 

I gave Anthony a list of questions that I might be asking.  I didn't want to put him on the spot.  I had not heard the answers before we started recording, which is a bit obvious at some point!  I enjoyed my chat, hope you do too.   


This video is approx 11 mins long. 
If you want to skip - I'd go to:
3.45  -  how the toys are designed.  
6.20 - Ummm 
7.37 - Idea board 
9.26 - Your favourite toy as a kid?  Love asking this question and watching the reactions. 
9.58 - My favourite bit -  I call him a nerd!  Did I hurt his feelings? 


The little friend we have on the couch is a Tiger Tribe doll.  I think her name is Elise.  I really should have introduced to her too, or we could have pretended she was Naomi. 


The Beat the Clock activity that Anthony is talking about, is one of our favourites and you can grab it here. 

Beat the Clock Tiger Tribe | Lucas loves cars



By the way - Fact 2 on that list of 5 Fun Facts about Tiger Tribe - They all get together for lunch at 1pm.  It's true!  We finished just as everyone was walking in to eat all around a big table.  Seriously, they are like a big family.

Oh - as a bonus for reaching the end - Go over and check out the HUGE Birthday Giveaway - We are giving away $505 worth of Tiger Tribe Products!!


Thanks for playing with us. 

- Helle.