Lucas Loves Cars turns 5 – what a ride it’s been!

When there is a large milestone it is quite normal to look back and see what has happened isn't it?! 

5 years ago - 2012


Do you remember where you were 5 years ago?  

I was standing at the kitchen bench scribbling on some butchers paper and thinking what do I need to open an online store?   A logo, a website, products, customers.  Ok, so that was more than 5 years ago, it took a little more than 6 months from this brainstorm session until the day we switched the website on.  


So many things have changed in our world - 
- We had the sad year of 2016 - where it seemed we spent the year saying good bye to so many legends.
- You can now use your finger to unlock your phone.  
- Donald Trump is President of the US (Imagine someone telling you that would happen 5 years ago - No way!) 
- Instagram was just invented in 2012 -  That means there were no emoticons.
    Not everything changes though -
    - The Queen is still going.
    - Cars still have 4 wheels
    - Kids still love wooden toys.


    5 yrs ago in 2012 - Lucas loves cars

    Here is a glimpse into what we were all doing in 2012 


    It’s amazing what can happen in 5 years, isn’t it!

    In the last 5 years some of us have had children for the first time or added more kids to our brood. Maybe you’ve changed jobs, moved house or even started a business… just like I did five years ago in 2012.


    This month we are celebrating Lucas Loves Cars turning 5 and I’m so proud to say we are still here and we are growing.  I wasn't sure I would survive the newborn business phase (daunting, new, intense and minimal sleep), then there was the toddler phase (a few hiccups, sorting out routines that work, and sometimes needing some hand-holding)  Now -  Lucas loves cars is no longer a new business!  We are all grown up. 


    I'm a big boy now.


    It’s been lots of fun in so many ways, but in all honesty, it’s been a hard slog too. So much to learn and so many wrong turns to make right again.  Running a business isn’t always like the perfect styling we see on Instagram, when it is good it's very very good...when it is bad....well...I still wouldn't change it.

    At the start Lucas loves cars didn't really shoot out of the starting blocks.  Let’s say, it was a low key beginning.  Our business started as a good idea and a shelf of stock in our spare room. Our son, Lucas, was still a toddler and I was ready for a career change. My gut told me I’d found a niche in the market – surely I wasn’t the only parent looking for gorgeous, good quality toys for my boy? Ones that were unashamedly about cars and trucks and all things that rev? We love when Mums tell us that they love our store because their kids love cars too! Since we started we have added dinosaurs and animals, because we have listened when our crew said some boys love other things.


    I’m so pleased to say, I was right!  You keep telling me I was right!  The biggest risk I've ever taken and every single order still makes me do a happy dance.  Other Mums, or grandmas, buying toys and gifts for their kids. People just like me.


    From launching Lucas loves cars with a handful of products, we now have a warehouse full and are constantly on the hunt for new, beautifully designed toys. We are fortunate to have some amazing, loyal customers and have been lucky to collaborate with businesses across Australia to support well-made, timeless toys that kids will play with again and again.

    Lucas Loves Cars is hitting a new phase now. Just like your child who heads of to school when they turn 5 we are growing steadily and meeting new friends.

    So, what’s ahead for Lucas Loves Cars?  More of the same but bigger and better and still heaps of fun because I want to get to 10 years, and write a blog like this and wonder - WOW!  Look how far we have come! 

    thank you from Lucas loves cars

    Thank you for all your support on this crazy roller coaster ride!

    Helle, Mark and Lucas