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Sometimes it seems the fun stuff is all for the 3+ year olds.  Not at Lucas loves cars! 

We have hunted the world to find some fun stuff for the 2 yr olds.  They deserve gorgeous toys too! 


Myland Dinosaur


Lucas loves cars

A fun dinosaur toy that is interactive and teaches the kids cause and effect.

Place your character on the friendly Dino to trigger  realistic sounds of a prehistoric forest, exotic bird calls, stomping feet, and dinosaur sounds which will entertain and stimulate the imagination. 

Children discover that the character is the on/off switch, while the Dino movements control the sounds. STOMP STOMP STOMP 


Indigo Jamm - Hascombe Dolls House

Lucas loves cars

Australia's only fully furnished dolls house tested and certified safe for children under 3 years.  Scaled perfectly to match Charlie's Car or  Colin Camper Van.

An elegant 3 story dolls house, Hascombe house could be the home for you, though there is already a family living there.  2 peg people plus baby call this house their home.

Open the front wall and inside we have a fully appointed luxury house. A wooden house with furniture included:   two bedroom sets, bathroom suite, kitchen suite with appliances, dining table and chairs and 2 sets of stairs.



Daddy Dino soft toy

Lucas loves cars


You might call him a Stegosaurus, but this guy loves being called Daddy.  Although he has big teeth, he's not scary, he's actually totally snuggly and huggable.

With spots on the side and soft velvety plates all down his back, you will find yourself smitten with this cuddly Dino.  Add a little Dino baby Stegosaurus to make a snuggly pair.  

Indigo Jamm - Toby Truck

Indigo Jamm  | Toby dump truck || Lucas loves cars

Lucas loves cars

Did some one call for a Dump Truck?  Toby Truck is here and he's ready to haul.   

This durable wooden push toy features a sturdy dumper unit that tips.  Fill it up and then the swinging rear panel allows loads to be released smoothly. Includes a colourful removable wooden peg person driver.  

The peg person in this super cute truck can be swapped with those in other toys in the Jamm Vehicles range, in case this driver stops for a smoko.  Made from quality birch wood ply and solid rubber wood.
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Activity Stacker

2 yr old gift | Activity stackers | Lucas loves cars

Lucas loves cars

These stacking wooden boxes don't just stack - they have layers of investigations and learning activities on them. 

Children can  - check the mirror  - do shape sorting -  lacing, beads - sliding - disc spinning - washboard scratching - belt buckling - hard buttoning  -  soft buttoning - shoe lacing  and zippering.

Of course you can also stack them up to build a tower or nest them for compact storing.



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- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.