Lucas loves cars has AFTERPAY

Have you heard of AFTERPAY?





In the olden days,  people wanting to split their purchase over a few weeks they would do something called a LAYBY.   It was a quaint system where you selected what you wanted to purchase, then you would go into the store and pay a little bit off the total each time.  You didn't get your products until you had paid off the total in full!  

Now days we have credit cards - Pay it on the card and worry about paying it later! Yet you have to pay interest if you leave an amount on your card.  Some people don't like paying more and more interest every month....


So in this world full of gorgeous online shopping comes Afterpay.

You get your goods as normal.  
You pay in 4 instalments 
No interest.


     We have had a number of people request Afterpay, and we are always listening to you!  


    Do you use Afterpay?  Let us know what you think! 

     - Helle.