Printable Mothers Day Bookmarks

A hand made gift is such a beautiful keepsake and a great way for kids to learn about giving.

This Mothers Day we suggest your kids create Mum a bookmark.

A great activity for all ages, even when they don't colour within the lines, your bookmark will be a reminder of when they were small.

At Lucas loves cars we know Mothers Day is not just about the gift.  Don't get me wrong, we love the flowers, chocolates, champagne and jewellery. (In case the guys are reading this!)

Really we just want a day where the family do something to let us know that they care about us!  Like making us breakfast in bed, at 6am...with burnt toast and cold tea.  It's the love that goes into it that makes it special. 

In some houses  (not mine, or yours I'm sure)  it's sometimes hard to get the kids/man of the house to do anything special. You only know the day is special because it's takeaway for dinner and some more bath soaps.   

To make it easier for the kids (and dads) to make Mothers Day special, we have created this bookmark printable that the kids will surely love to colour and you will love to use.  


We suggest that you might like to...
Either send this page to your other half and say 'Do this'  (don't bother with being subtle about it)
Or the easier way - Print out the bookmarks and leave it on the kitchen bench.
-  If you feel that's not a big enough hint then leave a note 'To be coloured in by our child before SUNDAY'

Add their name and the year to the bottom of the bookmark to help you to remember which artist gifted you this amazing piece of art.

It might not get done until MothersDay, but that's OK.  It gives them something to do which gives you some down time.  


When Lucas was colouring in his bookmark he kept saying 'I love mummy, and cars!' Wouldn't you love to hear that on Mothers Day? (I know he was reading the bookmark, but I said thank you and grabbed a cuddle anyway.)

If you want to get a little bit clever you can laminate it and add a little ribbon.

I've had my bookmark since 2015 and I still use it...and love it.


- Helle.