More fun for less.

For a long time I have been wanting to write this list of how to have more toy fun without spending more money. 

Why would a Toy Store owner share tips on how you can buy less toys?

It is because I want you and your kids to make memories.  Toys are amazing because they are full of fun and play, and that doesn't just happen by having more.  Actually sometimes it happens when you have less....


More toys and fun for less

I've also been reading the papers and living the life where 'cost of living' is almost a daily uttered phrase, where all the costs are going up and we are all trying to find ways to spend less. 

So, here is my list of ideas to help you have fun, while spending less.


1 - Toy Rotation

It's like removing the seasonal clothes from your wardrobe.  When you get them out again you remember how much you liked something!  Just like shopping but you know it fits! 

Taking some of the toys away focuses the kids on the toys that have on the shelves, and when you swap the toys back it is like being re-united with an old friend.

We have a blog about Toy Rotation here, with some great tips.

2 - Toy Libraries 

Borrow, don't buy!  We adore the Toy Library.  Find your local library here

When Lucas was little he was mad for a toy kitchen. One of his friends had one and he really wanted one.  So off we went to the toy library and borrowed one.  After an hour he was done playing and it was not touched again.  

Toy libraries allow you to try new things and add some variety to your play space without spending the money.  


3 - The Op Shop (and FB marketplace)

Quality toys often outlast the kids interest. So many fabulous toys end up at the local op shop, or being given away on Marketplace. 

You will find it hard to go in with a set shopping list, but I find that there is a lot of joy in an op shop find due to the surprise of finding something amazing!

We have heard of so many seriously great finds.  Lucas found a brand new race car set that he proudly showed everyone who visited.  Teaching kids about saving is also a benefit of being a thrift shopper.


4 - Create your own

An afternoon of fun can be found in the delivery box you just received. Draw a picture and have the kids colour it in.  Create a road for the trees and cars to drive around.  It can be a space ship, a car, a tv, anything!

Kids don't need it to be perfect, imagination is catching. If you start to imagine the box as a car the kids will follow.  Is it a race car, should we add stripes? If it's a robot, does it need nuts and bolts. Attaching ribbon will keep it on their shoulders. 

Or make your own car wash with a cereal box. Colour matching toys with the furniture!  Calling out colours and the kids need to find 3 things in that colour.  Timing anything will turn it into a race! 

5 - Share!

Do you know other families with kids a similar age? And toys you don't really use?  You could swap so you both have new toys to enjoy.

You could set up a puzzle swap, or a little local group swap.


6 -  Loyalty points

Did you know Lucas loves cars gives you loyalty points with every order!? Check yours points here

Turn your points into credits towards anything you love.


7 - Discounts

Everyone loves a discount. It's totally a valid way to save, if you buy things you want and love. 

Toys on our sale page are good quality and filled with play.  

There are a lot of toys on our sales page that I love. Sometimes they are there because of a mistake when ordering, sometimes the toy isn't right for everyone, but it might be perfect for you.


8 - Save on Delivery

Many stores have a click and collect option.  We do.  you can order in your Oj's and collect from our Yarraville warehouse.

Not just easy to shop without the kids, the other bonus to this is that you will be helping a local business.


 9 - Change the combinations 

 If you always play with toys one way you are losing a lot of their play value. A Grimms rainbow can be a bridge, a mountain or a fence.  We have a blog about getting the most out of your toys here.

Turn it over, add something new. When you look at a toy differently, it can open up all new fun.   

Put a few toys in a box, can you recognise it by touch?  Pull them out one at a time and describe what you see.  What is it? The colour, the size, the shapes.

Play is about enjoying yourself and having fun. The best thing about it is that there is no 'right way'.


wooden toy sale


We hope you play today.



Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  With over 11 years of experience in the toy business, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch.