Moover - Dump Truck - BLUE

Moover Blue wooden truck | Lucas loves cars
Product Description
We fell in love with the blue wooden Dump Truck from Moover the minute we saw it.
You will too.

The Dump Truck lets your child drive and steer simultaneously, and the gross motor skills are enhanced while turning and reversing. The cabin fits a teddy driver and other treasures go in the trailer.

The Dump Truck is flat packed and thanks to Moover Toys’ unique click system it will be together in a few simple steps. 

Made from high quality veneer plywood ensuring great strength and durability. Equipped with double rubber tyres for greater control and grip, to ensure the speed is controlled.

Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 19 cm 
Ages: 1-5 years
Max weight 38 kg

Brand Moover

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