Wishbone Mini Flip Walker

Product Description

The Wishbone Mini Flip starts as a rocker for your little bub, before they have started to toddle.  Then flip on the wheels and they can hold onto the handles as they learn to walk and as a toddler they will enjoy the ride.

The Mini Flip re-invents the classic wooden walker for your baby.

The beautiful Wishbone simple style, Wishbone Mini-Flip is amazing play value as it grows with your child.

Rock, Walk or Ride. 

Simply turn the latch to flip the base and transform Mini-Flip from gentle rocker to walker or stable ride-on.   Perfect for baby’s first steps.

Supports developmental milestones including sitting up, balance, steering, and key gross motor skills.

Made from plantation poplar, comes with inline non-marking skate wheels. 

Add the racer attachment for even more fun.

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Ages: 9+ months

Brand  Wishbone bikes

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