Wishbone Bikes

Wishbone Design Studio is a family business in New Zealand.  Designing first bikes for active families, design lovers and conscious consumers.

The transformational designs of the Wishbone Bike allows one bike to last for years. There is also a recycled edition bike to reduce your environmental impact even more.

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Wishbone bikes

Why we Love Wishbone bikes

Let's start with the gorgeous colours and beautiful design for the wishbone Flip and mini flip for little ones.   These great toys start as a rocking toy so your toddler can practice standing up and get some balance.  Then flip the base to turn the toy into a ride on perfect for their little legs.  

As the kids get older we love that the bikes have two frame settings, a Low mode and High mode means these balance bikes will last even as their legs grow longer/

And of course we adore that the recycled bikes are made from recycled bottles & carpet.  Jazz them up by adding colourful seat covers and handle grips.