Birthday Parties are about food, fun and friends.   We are delivering the fun today.

The best way to keep a birthday fun and keep the kids busy is to have some activities for them.

For our THIRD Birthday celebrations we have created some fun printables for you to download and enjoy. Well, not for you exactly, for your little ones.

printable maze and find a word racecar fun


Choose from a race around the Number 3 MAZE or a Race car Birthday themed FIND-A-WORD
Race the little racecar from the Start line to the Finish flags along the twisty big three track 
and then 
Find the Party words in the jumble of letters.  They may be forwards, they may be backwards but they will not be diagonal.

Lucas thought all the words should be circled with a red crayon. Nicely co-ordinated!   

I would have chosen a different colour for each word, but I wan't allowed to choose.  I might print one for myself.  xoxo