Add the driver printables.




As any mum knows,  kids go through their colouring books amazingly quickly.  It's a few scribbles here and a little line of colour there and then they are done with that page - what's next!?   Not to mention the pain of dragging a whole book around with you and the guilt of 'Mummy don't throw my artwork away' 

We hear you - and we have created some fun free printable pages for you to print out, slip into the handbag (or play bag) and pull out when you need to provide entertainment.

Fun cars to colour in will keep their attention and then when done you can give the artwork away to the closest person, because you can always print them out again! 

Three printable colour-in pages.

These three pages have been created for varying levels of ability.  Getting slightly harder with each page.  Maybe Mum can add the driver, will it be an alien today? 



free printable colour in pages

Download the pages here.

Add the driver and decorate the cars.

The first page is the little red car, add colours, add stickers, make him into your dream car.  Will he be red or blue, purple or green?  Maybe a little bit of everything!  

The second page has a car with stripes, there are more lines to watch out for and a fun traffic light to practice circles. 

The third page has a car with squiggly wiggly lines and stop sign, which will take slightly more fine motor skills to colour in. 


Here's one we made earlier. 

We like to test out all our cars on the kids....and these were no exception.  

Baxter our gorgeous 3 yr old car lover had a great time making these artworks for me.  His mum was certain they were coloured in especially for me to hang on my fridge....because there is no more room on her fridge. 


free colour-in printables



Have fun colouring in the cars and please share your fabulous artwork with us - 

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