Free Easter Fun Activities

I was meant to be working today, but then I opened PINTEREST and got a little bit distracted by Easter and free Printables. 

Rather than stop and do work I decided to turn the fun stuff into work..and create a fun blog of Fun Easter Activities.

These are sourced from all over, and pinned to our Easter Pinterst board. To make it easy for you we have linked to the Source page - just click on the picture.  These other pages are not affiliated with us, we just think they are fabulous! 



Star Wars Printable Chocolate boxes


This one isn't just for Easter, I can imagine this being big at a Star Wars birthday, or a great fun activity when friends come over on the school holidays.  


Pretty Colour In Page

 Colour in Happy Easter

I love that this is simple, no bunnies, no eggs.



 Colour by number

Easter colour by number

I used to love colour by number when I was younger.  Seeing the image appear with each shape that is filled in.

 Bunny tails

Something that is a little different.  Instead of Fairy Floss you could use cotton balls and they could be bunny tails for the kids to put on during the Easter Egg hunt. (That's what I'm going to do!)


MORE Gorgeous colour in Printables 

 Such cute pictures.  Love the rainbow and those flowers.


Word search

A word search is a fun way to help with word recognition and spelling. And it's fun too!


 Simple maze

It's a maze with a little bit of colouring opportunity.  Just tricky enough to have to think about it.


Super Hero Eggs

These are so fun I think they might be a winner for any day we have boiled eggs! You  could have Super Hero Sunday.   


We have some fabulous Easter gift ideas right here! 

Easter gifts | Lucas loves cars


We hope you have a great time with the family. Enjoy the Chocolate which is guilt free for these days.


- Helle.