There is nothing better than HOLIDAYS!   WooHooo


There is nothing worse than having holidays and nothing to do, especially if the weather turns on you.  We all want to relax and enjoy slowing down...but kids need to keep active and entertained.  We all try to restrict screen time and it's so expensive to go out, so that is an occasional treat for us.


We have put together a fun list of things to do to give you some inspiration.  Some we plan on trying, some we loved when Lucas was younger.

5 fun activites for kids



Zoomin Moovin Alphabet

Lucas and I have been big fans of RoyalBaloo for many years.  Lucas has done quite a few of the Zoomin Moovin packs.

These free printables contain multiple activities, and there is a pack for each letter in the alphabet.  It's so well done it's the definition of fun learning.

You will LOVE this! 


Make a plane moneybox

With step by step descriptions and images makes this look easy. It's on our holiday to-do list.




Paper fortune teller

I loved this when I was younger and remember playing with them for hours.

They are so universally popular that there is a wikipedia page for them - with instructions!




Colour by Numbers

There is a whole range of transport colour by numbers images at
They even have some that are easier and then pages like these that are harder.



Potato Stamping

I remember doing this with my Mum many, MANY, years ago!   Of course this one needs parental help to cut the shape.  I wonder if I have the abilities to be able to cut out a car? 

The additional bonus with this activity is the stamps can be used to make Christmas paper.  Just cut the potato into a tree shape.

 The directions and idea for this one came from



For more ideas head to our PINTEREST BOARDS 
Or try googling  printable car numbers - there are so many fun activities out there!
- Helle.