Printable Rewards sheet - 50

I have set myself a challenge today.  I am going to load up 50 new products onto the website in just one week!  Oh no - saying it out loud makes me nervous. 

This is a large challenge for me as usually I would load around 5 or 6 products per fortnight.  But it's school holidays and the little guy is on holiday with Nanny and Poppy, the sun is shining and I'm feeling ready for a challenge. 

Why do I have so many to load?  <whispers>'s Christmas soon!  It's actually September but there are Mums already doing their Christmas shopping.  What an organised lot they are.

With the lead up to Christmas, brands releasing new products and well, actually the truth is, MAMA has been SHOPPING!  

So I'm calling it the

- insert big music here -   


 (I know - totally creative right)

So - of course when faced with this monumental - Colossal - Huge - bigger than HUGE task ....I have been busy procrastinating and have made a rewards sheet.   It's important to have the visual representation of my goal and be able to cross off each task as it's done!

As I was creating the Reward sheet I wondered if it might be of use to someone a Mum ( Mom ) who is toilet training a child...or a child trying to get enough brownie points to earn a new toy!   What a fun rewards sheet to stick to the fridge. 

So we now have a
- TA DA -
Lucas loves cars FREE Rewards sheet Printable!  


Free printable rewards sheet | Lucas loves cars

 CLICK HERE to download it now! 



Do you think it's upside down?  Lucas created a rewards sheet which went from 1 - 20 and he started off crossing off 1 - that was how many chores he had done!  But then he had found it hard to count have many chores he had left to do before he was at the end.  It ended up being a great maths lesson - but let's not make the kids work that hard!  Start at 50 - work your way down to 1.  



I have created little stops in the count which have vehicles in them.  That is to make the big table look pretty.  It is also what I call encouragement stops. If you choose to you can give your child a little bit of encouragement when they get to these squares.  I will be giving myself a piece of chocolate for every vehicles I pass.  It's always good to have some little boosts to keep the motivation going!  ( one of my encouragement stops might be a wine....depends if I cross any at night ) 



Would you like a shorter list?  For a quick fix you could cut the table down to where ever you want to start from. (Another good reason to count DOWN!)  


You are welcome to leave a message below and I will make another one.  If you leave the message quickly there's a good chance I'll make that rewards sheet while I'm procrastinating from my BIG CHALLENGE!  Or maybe I'll do it later, when I'm meant to be making dinner one night.   Either option is quite likely.

Free Printable Rewards sheet

Hope you love it.   I hope I manage to get to the star in time. 

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