Mothers Day - Things I would like.

While I was creating our Mothers Day competition (see below on how to win!)  I started thinking about what I would like to receive on Mothers Day.   Some of it is standard, like the 20 minutes off, the sleep in and bucket loads of cuddles.

Everything on my list is based on love and time rather than money.  This is probably because my Mum always said all she wanted for Mothers Day is a bunch of flowers and a cuddle.  Just that little acknowledgement that we love her.  

So - I have compiled a little list of craft activities that the head mechanic might be able to accomplish...?  (hint hint)



    This one is all about ME!  I love The Organised housewife.  It's a fantastic blog with great ideas and beautiful designs.  She has a Printable called 'My Mummy' (or 'My Mum' if you prefer).  The kids fill in the answers to questions about Mum.  


Such a lovely idea and so much fun to hear what the kids say! 

Can't wait to see what Lucas thinks.  Bonus is that there's no mess for the boys to clean up!


    This one is a messy one.  A Thrifty Mom have painted a  beautiful flower with fingerprints. Should be fairly easy for the boys to do. 

When I think of this I can't help imagining how lovely it will be to have this when Lucas is older.



    We made this one last year, I found it via The Daily Buzz.   Yes, I helped Lucas to make my own Mothers Day card. (That's normal isn't it?)  It was so much fun to do, and we did one for Grandma and Nanny at the same time. 

 I'm thinking of doing it again just so that I can compare them.  It was super easy and Lucas loved that I drew around his hand. We decorated ours with stickers, so it didn't look this professional.  (I liked that better.)


 I found this one on Pinterest. (oh how I love thee!) This gorgeous card is similar to the one above, but is a little bit simpler. We don't want to push the boys too hard to be creative. Once it's cut out the kids will be quite busy decorating it with stickers and crayons (and paint?) 

The love heart in this one is the important bit guys, so get that bit right! 




If you're not into getting creative,  how about this gorgeous Coupon book from Tipjunkie!? Just print it out and fill it in.  I love this one because it's non specific so you can select what you want to give, which means it works for all age groups.  Oh, and I love the designs. (I'm giving this one to MY Mum!)


There are so many different versions out there on the big inter-web, just Google 'Mothers day Coupon' if this one doesn't suit your style. 



Last, but by no means least, a bunch of flowers and some cuddles. :-)


This list was created as things that the guys can do, so put it under their noses with a big 'hint hint'. 

I'll update the blog with pictures if the head mechanic gets any of these done. (Or if I give in and do it myself!) 


UPDATE:  The boys did the non crafty things.  I printed out suggestion 1 and 5 - the 'fill in the blanks' printables and left them on the dinner table.       

The boys took the hint and filled them in. I have to admit I eavesdropped on the coupon book conversation and it was the best gift, hearing them plan to spoil me.  They were lovely gifts to receive.  ( I also got a little car charm.  So cute)

Vroom Vroom

- Helle.