Halloween Note for the neighbours

Trick or Treating is a great way to get to know some of the neighbours.

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars


What a lovely night to get together with some friends and head out for a walk around the streets and get to know your neighbourhood. 

Last year we walked about with some of Lucas' friends and had a fabulous time, walking and chatting..and of course, getting lollies for the kids.   

We are in an area where Trick or Treating is just starting to grow in popularity, and we were all new to the night too.  So we didn't really know where to go around the neighbourhood. We were lucky to get a few great houses that were decorated and had people participating and it was a really fun time.


How do you choose which doors to knock on? We don't want to teach the kids to wander up to houses and simply knock on the door asking for lollies.  ( actually it is such a weird thing to do!)

I thought it would be a great idea to letter drop and let people know that we intended to roam the streets. So I have created a note that you can drop into the letterbox this week which will let people know you are intending to do some Trick or Treating. 

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars


Halloween printable note | Halloween note | Lucas loves cars


It's great if you drop the note into the letterbox with a balloon to make it easier for the neighbours to put the signal on the gate!
You might also want to put your phone number on the back and ask them to text you a message if they will be stocking up on sweets. Then you can head out knowing the best streets to go to.


We have heard so many stories pf people getting all set for visitors and find they don't get any, because people don't know they are there.

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars

Are you ready for Halloween?  Got your Costumes READY?
Or are you still looking for a dress up that the kids will love, that doesn't cost a bucket AND that lasts longer than the one night.


Halloween costumes for kids



Please drive extra carefully down the local streets on Halloween night.
Make sure to teach the kids some basic road rules before you go out! 
Halloween road safety | Wooden road signs | Lucas loves cars

Kids halloween Dress up | Kids Costumes | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars  


Feeling inspired?  How cute is this dress up idea!  
We love it, but I'm not sure I could make it....do you think they are plastic plates? 


Halloween dress up lights


- Helle.


Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch.