We recently took a short trip away and I decided it was time for Lucas to start packing for himself.

I sent him to his room with the request 'please pack your bag for our trip away'.  You know he came back with a pile of toys and 2 t-shirts. 

Hmm...might need to make that request a little more specific.  I get that I need to help him to learn, but if I stand beside him and tell him what to pack will he actually learn? Will I be able to do it without losing my patience? 

Then it hit me - the answer is a packing list.  For him - and for me.  It's the things that I run through in my mind as I'm packing. So I can use it and not forget anything, or I can give it to him and he can learn to pack for himself.

Free Printable Packing list | Lucas loves cars

This is a list that I have come up with, of the most common things we pack.  When I asked the crew on Facebook if I had forgotten anything we had some great responses.  Many I included in the finished list ( because I had forgotten a few!)  


Some things were not added to our list. Such as..

- Kids Panadol or other  medication.
- Nightlight  
- Dresses, if packing for a girl
- Snacks

We have left a few spaces at the bottom for you to add some extra things that you want to pack. 


Free Printable Packing List



We live (and love) what we do here at Lucas loves cars - so I wanted to show you the activities and toys we took away on the trip we just took.

Packing for a trip

We have had this Working wheels towel for 3 years now.  It was the everyday bath towel but is now used for swimming.  It is large but thinner than many beach towels so perfect for packing. 

I always love to take the Tiger Tribe Piccolo Activity set with us.  It's great for on a plane, at a cafe, or in the hotel when someone is bored in the afternoon.  Brilliant because it has colouring in but also has the textas! 

Of course we took Road tape!  When you have a car lover and a hotel room with limited car toys, all you need is a few cars and some road tape and they will be entertained for days.  This tape is like Masking tape.  Perfect for short term roadways. 

The Travelling Dinosaur Puzzle is new to the garage - Lucas loved it so much he did it twice while we were away.  One time with his Dad and once when we were out with friends.   

Making the dinosaur puzzle


Do you have something that you would add to this list?  Should we make a small kid version with nappies and wipes?  We'd love you to let us know in the comments.


- Helle.

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  • Ginelle

    Going to try with my Lucas. Camping at Long weekend and again at Easter! Will let you know. Cheers!

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