Fun dinosaur activities

Easter and School holidays is almost upon us once again!

Hooray for not having to get out of PJ's or make school lunches....but the down side is that we need things to do to keep the kids busy.  And I don't know about you but spending money on the movies or outings every day is not in my budget! 

Of course there are some great Easter activities about - we put a few together here -   In our house, Easter, Christmas or any time really, the topic has to be cars or dinosaurs to get more than 10 minutes of focus from the kid. 

Dinosaur activities | Lucas loves cars

So here you go -  some fun dinosaur activities that you can do at home. 
Low cost, low clean up and BIG on the fun.

These games are good for 3+  but please use your knowledge of your child to decide if they are suitable.  Try them on the 6 or 7 yr old - if they love dinos there is a good chance they will enjoy these activities as an excuse to play. 


What sort of footprints does the T-Rex leave? 

Dino footsteps | Lucas loves cars

Photo by  @learningatheart. on Instagram.

 A great way to get extra play out of your Playdoh.  Lucas used to love driving his cars over the 'track' and creating tyre tracks.  comparing the truck with the race car and the motorbike.

Try it with Dinosaurs Toys.  Walk your existing dinosaur collection through the playdoh and see what their footprints look like. 

Try it with SaltDough and create Dinosaur Fossils.  There is a recipe here




My GO-TO activity for play time with any collection is always the same.
It may seem simple to us, but it's so much fun for the kids.  

Dinosaur free printable | Lucas loves cars

- Lucas wants me to make a printable which includes a spot for his lizard - 

1 -  Line them up - biggest to smallest.

2 - Group them in colour. 

3 - Group them by type.  
To help with this one we have created a super fun dinosaur printable you can use.

HINT: Mum, this is a great time to ask the kids about the differences between the dinosaurs. Is this one a Herbivore? Its amazing what the kids know!


Dinos are made out of lots of different shapes.  Use circles, squares and triangles to make a range of dinosaurs. 

Dino shape | creative play | Lucas loves cars

So simple yet such a great activity for encouraging creativity and shape recognition.  There is a great range of dinosaurs to copy from Little Family Fun. 

Use different colours to add some character to your stegosaurus, or use stickers to decorate him. 



We put some little dinosaurs in ICE! 

About the size of the Tribe of Dinosaurs is perfect for this. 

Ice Age | Dinosaur Activities | Lucas loves cars

The kids love the idea of putting their dinos in the ice tray to make them into ice blocks.  The anticipation!  You may need to have another activity ready, or they will open the freezer every 5 minutes.   Are we there yet? 

Once frozen take the blocks out and get the kids to bang out the dinos.  This is a great outdoor activity so they can throw them against the floor or the wall.   We also enjoyed simply waiting and watching the dinosaurs appear as the ice thawed.   



We have recently seen this fabulous Hatching Dinosaurs video on Facebook - via the Playfull page.     Baking soda is such a GREAT resource! 

You put the dinosaur in an 'egg' and then the kids can break it or wet it to hatch the dinosaur. 


Hatching Dinosaurs activity | Lucas loves cars


For those who haven't got facebook, I have written the recipe below.

4lb  Box Baking Soda.

Food Colouring ( optional) 

Water.  Add until it feels like wet sand.  

Take a handful of 'sand', add the dinosaur in the middle. Shape into an egg.


Leave to dry overnight. 

Hatch by spraying with Vinegar.   



If you have more time and have completed all these fun activities, then head over and check out our Dinosaur products.

Biscuit cutters to for use with playdoh fun or for making yummy gingerbread cookies.   


Chocolate moulds - everyone loves chocolate! 


Dinosaur Puppets.



- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.   


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