It's school holidays, and when we're done at the beach,  it's usually not long before we hear 'Can I play on the IPad/Wii/XBOX/watch TV'  or the classic 'Mum 'I"m bored'.

We are here to help!   We have created a fun colour in page for you to print and for them to colour.
A fun free activity that will keep them occupied long enough for you to stop for a cuppa tea.


Colour pages city printable

There rubbish truck is driving through the city. There are many buildings to colour, will one be yellow, maybe one could be blue?  
The big question - Do you colour the clouds or leave them white? 

Adult Colouring is all the rage so maybe you can print it out twice then sit and colour with your child. So grab your pencils, crayons or textas and lets colour!  


Free Colour in Printable


We would love to see your finished artwork.  

Share it with us on our Facebook Page, tag us on Instagram #lucaslovescars,
or email us at
We will have an ARTWORK GALLERY here with all the gorgeous images we receive.

Lucas has not coloured one in yet...but we will have his artwork up here soon!

_ _ _ _ _  

Now here is the cheeky bit where we show you some of the great products that we think link to the colour in design.  
Did you know we have a large range of rubbish trucks in stock? 
 Rubbish truck toys for kids


- Vroom