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Bath toys - can be dangerous. 0

Bath toys | Cleaning bath toys | Lucas loves cars Did you know that many kids bath toys are the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. 

We have a 5 minute cleaning regime for you - which uses products from your pantry.  Easy, quick and safe. 


HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours 0

HALLOWEEN NOTE for the neighbours | Halloween printable | Lucas loves cars

What a lovely night to get together with some friends and head out for a walk around the streets and get to know your neighbourhood.  And this year it's even better because it's on a Saturday night!  

Last year we walked about with some of Lucas' friends and had a fabulous time, walking and chatting..and of course, getting lollies for the kids.  

5 things you need to stay in business 5 years. 0

Lucas loves car - 5 years in business

I have just celebrated 5 years in business.

Even as I type that I find it hard to believe.  It's been such an interesting ride that the time has just flown by.  Time flies when you're having fun right!? 

I look back at where I started and I had no idea how this adventure was going to turn out. 

5 THINGS ABOUT BOYS - I learnt from Maggie Dent 1

Maggie Dent boys boys boys The other night I went to a seminar called BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  I'd wanted to see Maggie Dent speak for a while and this seemed to be a perfect fit for my interests.  I think I have a good relationship with Lucas, but sometimes...

Advent Calendar Ideas 0

We love an advent calendar, there is nothing better than to count down to Christmas.  The  numbers get smaller and the excitement rises...