I survived a Month with Fat Mum Slim.

During April I committed to doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge.   #photoaday #fmsphotoaday

I have attempted it before, and often stopped around day 10 or 12. 

This time I am giving myself a big SHINY star and a pat on the back because I completed the whole month.   Can you tell that I am quite proud of myself?  

When I started I decided that each photo I posted had to match the prompt and it also had to be part of Lucas loves cars. No just the products, but also things around the business.  There were days when I didn't think I could do it, how was I going to make the prompt CUT fit into my cars life?  None of my products have cutting elements. They are for kids, they aren't sharp. 

I would chew on these prompts like a dog with a bone, and then often an idea would spark and I would come up with something I loved.  

Here's my CUT prompt photo - DAY 21.



Like most hard challenges it was totally rewarding too. The time I put into it was definitely evident in the photos that came out of it. 

I have come up with a few tips:

1 - Put the list somewhere so that you will see it all the time!  

Mine was on the front of my 'to-do' folder.  Easy to refer to and in my face during the day so that I didn't end up at 10pm suddenly wondering how to take a good photo to match the prompt. It also meant that when my friend came to visit with her little boy I made sure we didn’t clean up the toys – because the prompt that day was MESSY!


2 - Look ahead 

For me this was especially important on Friday because I was doing photos about work.  It also worked well to come up with ideas for the prompts in advance in case something you were doing suited a prompt coming up later.  

One of the prompts for my month was HOLE so when I was doing some product shots one day I included this gorgeous stacking Windmill.


3 - Allocate time, the right time.

Sometimes a photo could take 3 minutes if done at the right time, then you can cross it off your to do list I took this photo of MY CITY on a morning walk. I knew I wouldn’t see the city at any other time that day, so stopping to take this photo was a must. 


4 - Be creative and have FUN! 

When the prompt had me stumped I would give my mind permission to roam free. That is how I came up with my picture for ARROW 



I'm taking a month off and will think about doing June. Yes, I'll be back!  I found it was nice to have a focus for my photos.  The prompts made me look at my products differently, and try something I would not have done otherwise. I know I tried harder to take great photos because I was a part of this challenge.

You can have a look at the month of photos I took on our Instagram account here.

Have you done it?  Want to do it with me next time? - I think it would be even more fun if you do it with friends. 


- Helle.