You do or you don't!

There are two types of people in this world ... How many times have you heard that?  It seems there so many things that can divide the population.

You are either Mac or PC.

You either love or hate Bieber.

Grease or Grease 2. (OK that one may not actually divide the nation)

The one dividing characteristic I have noticed recently has to do with presents, birthdays and wrapping paper. 


Open the present


Right now I can't tell you who this is. (no he's not a dentist!)

I can tell you they received this toy from us, nicely wrapped and just couldn't help themselves. He had to Peek!  The present is now safely re-wrapped up tight, waiting for the birthday party. I can tell you that the owner of that hand simply cannot wait to give the present to it's new owner.  He's as excited as a little birthday boy.  (I'll update this next month with a picture of the party.) 

As the owner of a toy store, I am involved in quite a bit of present buying.  My favourite part of the job is wondering if it's a gift and who is getting it? 

Sometimes I will hand deliver some gorgeous products to a friend and I'll ask if they want me to gift wrap it for them,  'Oh no - I want to look at it all first before I wrap it!'   - that is a Classic Peeker! 


You peek at presents ... or you don't. 


There is no sitting on the fence with this. The mystery hand above mentioned to me that he's 'always been a peeker'.  My sister has always been a peeker too.  Waiting a day to open a present was pure torture.  Still is.

So, this is where some of you may ask, Who doesn't Peek?  Seriously!?  How do you not want to know what's inside?

I'm not a peeker.  I LOVE a wrapped present.  The unknown of what could be inside and knowing that soon it will be opened and the anticipation of that day, that time when I will be spoilt.  It's so much more fun to enjoy the waiting, and it makes the present experience last longer!

I know I'm not alone with this!  We have many orders where people are ordering gifts to be sent to their own address and ask for gift wrapping - not a peeker! 


Gift wrapped 


It's a common fact that ALL children are peekers.  We know that because we were all kids once ... looking in the wardrobe and under the bed, trying to find the present stash!  You can not leave a wrapped present under the Christmas tree prior to Christmas day.  There are meme's and stories about that everywhere ... people walking in to find wrapping paper allover the place.



So, what makes us turn into people who don't peek?  Is it being horribly let down when we open gifts, so now we prefer the idea better then getting the actual gift.  Maybe we just have more patience? (As I typed that part of my brain screamed "Are you kidding? You have NO patience!")

OK - no idea what makes us choose which side of the wrapping paper that we are on.  Maybe someone can get a million dollar grant to investigate the phenomenon 'To peek or not to peek'.  If anyone does that study, I want it known that I'm IN! 

Own up - Are you a peeker?  Or do you enjoy the wait like me? 

Also - I would love to know where you hide the presents from your kids?  Mine is starting to know my usual hiding places.


- Helle.