There is a thing I have seen around about the 4 gifts of Christmas.  I'm not sure where it started, but it's fabulous and I'm using it. 

 4 gifts of Christmas 

I'm not talking about Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness.  Which are great and all wonderful things to have at Christmas. Nor am I talking about the 4 Gifts of Christmas day - Family, Food, Friends and ... Freedom?

I'm talking about the 4 Gifts of Christmas, as the actual presents that are wrapped and placed under the tree. Ready to be ripped open with abandon by chubby little hands. 

Personally I change it up a little - and think it of them as four gift categories, rather then one gift of each.  I struggle to keep it to one gift per category (especially in the book section) ... so I try and make it an even balance of the four.  It's a great way to ensure you don't go overboard on one area and neglect another.  


Note - If you want to go extreme with the WANT category - go for your life!  


WANT - Of course it's great to get something that they want!  That's what Christmas is all about. Making wish lists and the possibility of getting a beloved toy! 

NEED - Then there's the need, well that's perfect, to get them useful things to fill the Santa sack.  I know people who give their kids toothbrushes every Christmas! 

WEAR - New bathers, new thongs, all the thing they need for a fun Summer holiday ... and which they have grown out of since last year! 

READI love books so always give books as presents.  I give books for birthday too. Or just to encourage reading ... to me they are as necessary as food. (well not quite)


With these four gift categories in mind we have made a list of gifts by age from baby to 4+. To help you with your gift giving ideas.   Click on the picture to go to that age group.



 4 gifts for baby   



Gift ideas for 1 yr olds




Gift ideas for 2 yr olds




Gift ideas for 3 yr olds




Gift ideas for 4 yr olds.



Does anyone know where this idea originated? I'd love to know.  It's such a lovely focus to gift giving.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.