There are some moments when I so have this parenting thing IN THE BAG! I should seriously write a book with all the awesome tips I have and the great things I do ... maybe a small e-book, or a pamphlet ...

Today we had to go to the supermarket - sound like fun doesn't it?   Um - NO!

I wasn't up for another complaint about being dragged around the aisles buying food, the food that he eats like a plague of locusts!  So I started the conversation with ...


- Lucas, have we ever made Lolly Ice-cream?  


- NO!?  That's crazy!  I think we should make it today!  We could head to the supermarket today and get some lollies and ice-cream.   

See there - right there - that was the trick!  I made him want to go to the supermarket! Umm ... to get lollies, and sugar ... um ... yeah I bribed him with sugar.  No book deal then?  Well we had a great time so I'm not fussed about that book.


Have you made lolly ice cream?  It's so easy and so yum!  



  • We got the ingredients from the supermarket.  I almost forgot it ... but you KNOW Lucas wasn't going to leave without all the ingredients.  It was actually fun to choose which lollies we wanted to include.
2 Litres of Vanilla Ice-cream is a good size.
We chose Peppermint crisp, Flake, mini M&M's, mars bar, and Milkybar white chocolate. 
When I was little my Mum put in Cherry Ripes ... I hate Cherry Ripes so I don't add them into my version. 
Crunchie works well in it too (we forgot that one). 
    • Don't put the ice-cream away!    
    • VERY IMPORTANT - SET THE TIMER for 20 minutes!  DO NOT FORGET the melting ICE CREAM!
    • This is the fun part - Chop up the lollies into small chunks.  Flakes are easy, so is peppermint crisp but it's hard to chop some chocolates.  Some lollies may need to be taste tested during this step.
      Make sure you supervise the kids carefully around sharp knives. 

      • Take a few big spoonsful of ice-cream out of the container.  Place into a bowl, we will be using this stuff again soon.
      • Now the other fun part - Mix the Lollies with the Ice-cream!  Don't mix too much, just enough to spread the lollies in.


      • When it is mixed well add the additional ice cream from before.  And give a quick mix.

      At this point Lucas wanted to eat it - but NO!  You have to wait!   EEEKKK!   

      • Flatten the ice cream, I like to decorate it, but you don't have to.  Put the lid on and put the Ice-cream into your freezer......and wait....WAIT! 


      We made it before dinner and an hour was not long enough for it to harden.
      So make sure you do it in the morning or the day before you want to eat it.


      TIME TO EAT IT!    Yummy Yummy in my tummy!!  

      Now for the big decision....

      Plate or cone - ice cream


      Lucas has a summer birthday - so we are totally doing this as part of the birthday food this year.  

      Do you ever make Lolly ice cream?   Would you put in jelly lollies?   

      We would love it if you shared some pictures of your lolly ice-cream creations, or any other fun deserts!  Head to our Lucas loves cars Facebook page or Instagram and tag #lucaslovescars.  


      - Helle