In the first few weeks of February it seems that everyone is looking at hearts and lovebirds and everything is about Valentines Day.

We aren't really into Valentines day here at the garage.  We are focussing on the special day that occurs a few days after that ... 3 days later to be exact.


Random Act of Kindness



Do you know that February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day?

We need your help! We want to perform an act of kindness, or two.  We are looking for families with little car lovers (boy or girl) who are having a hard time recently and could do with a little box of fun and kindness. 

With some wonderful products donated from Red Bobble and ZZ Totz we have created 2 packages of kindness.

Maybe Mum is sick and life would be easier if the little car lover has something new to distract them for a while?   Or you know a family that just don't have the capacity to buy toys for the kids, because sometimes life is hard.  Maybe the little car lover is sick and needs something to lift his or her spirits? 


Tell us who you nominate below:

We will keep it private - so that you aren't embarrassing someone who might feel uncomfortable with the idea of being on this list.  The person who nominates a family will be announced as the winner, and we will deal with them to deliver the packs.

One kindness pack per nomination, choose from Kindness pack 1 (a.k.a  the pink pack)  or Kindness Pack 2 (a.k.a the blue pack). Feel free to nominate more than once.


We are giving away 2 x $70  KINDNESS PACKS 


Kindness Pack 1 contains
- a Red Bobble purple Candy Bag
- a Bobble It Yourself Gum Ball Machine
- a ZZT Totz Fairy Puppet



Kindness Pack 2 contains
- 2 Hape bamboo cars
- a set of wooden road signs
- a ZZ Totz Pirate Puppet

Nominations must be in by MIDNIGHT (AEST) MONDAY 15th FEB 2016. 
The winner will be selected randomly because it's Random Act of Kindness day!  
- You must be over 18 to nominate.
- Winner will be announced on this blog on Wednesday the 17th February.  The person who nominated will be contacted via email, so we can organise delivery to the winner. 
- Winners will remain anonymous, unless they choose to announce.
- Your email will be added to our list. 
- Prize delivery must be within Australia.

Get nominating HERE! 

Thank you all for nominating families that are in need of a smile.   It's hard to choose who will receive the packs, we're thankful it's a random draw.

The packs are going to
- a big brother, whose new little sister has been sick in hospital.
- a young girl who has been battling cancer. 

I love to think that these little gifts will bring smiles to the faces of these young kids, and a bit of happiness their families.

 We will be collecting address details from you  


so expect an email soon!



- Helle.