Marketing to Mums - the book

Let me start by clearly stating I did not write a book!   I love books to read as a way to escape into another world or as a way to learn from someone who has more wisdom than me.  I am definitely not a frustrated author.

I didn't write it - but we are mentioned in a BOOK!  I'm a bit excited. 

Marketing to mums | Lucas loves cars

Marketing to Mums -by Katrina McCarter is a book that falls into the second category, it is a book that I am enjoying because I am learning from Katrina who has years of experience at marketing and in running a business.  I met Katrina because she owns Bubbler - a group buying site which specialises in family deals.  She is a clever lady that I adore and admire greatly.

The book gives you Katrina's story, and it's not a CV style, it's fun and relatable. I wouldn't get through a book that's all facts and figures, and I would quickly get bored of a book that's just a biography of how 'I found success' This book is filled with a mixture of stories and notes about Katrina's business life and it also has a number of interesting points that have come from a survey that Marketing to Mums undertook - they surveyed over 1800 Australian mums - you might have been one of them? 

Katrina has taken all the information she has learnt from the survey and mixed it with the knowledge that she has from years of studying and working in Marketing and she has presented it in an easy to read format, perfect for a busy business woman.

Through the book there are quotes from some of the Mums who took the survey and there are some businesses that are mentioned as case studies. 


Page 88 - CASE STUDY - Lucas loves cars

Lucas loves cars case study in Marketing to mums  

I've never been in a book before, and I'm crazy pleased to be in this one.

Especially as  it is a case study for having a strong brand story!   It's so easy for me to have a strong brand story, I simply tell you all about Lucas and how he loves cars, and also how I love the products we find. 

I started this business with no marketing knowledge, I had no experience in sales or graphic design.  Also no retail experience, unless you call working in an ice cream shop experience! It did teach me about customer relations!    I wish this book was around when I started this business and even with my years of experience I am still finding myself scribbling down notes and ideas while reading this book.  We all keep learning...because the world keeps changing!

Katrina McCarter Marketing to Mums

I caught up with Katrina to say thanks and get my signed copy of the book at a Happiness Hunter walk one sunshiny Melbourne morning.  Don't I look proud as punch!? 

If you'd like to get your hands on this book and read about us and other businesses - head to the website here.   There is a great free download with 20 quick wins for businesses.