Well it has been a huge week here at the Garage.  

After a busy Christmas and much discussion about cost versus space, and a long Pros and Cons list, we have moved our cars into a warehouse space!   Hoooray!

We are so excited to be one of a number of fabulous businesses sharing the gorgeous old Wool Stores building in Kensington - called the Kensington Collective. 



I love this building - it was built in 1901.
It is on the railway line (perfect for the train lover in me) and has these big old wooden doors.  Everywhere you look you can see what it once was.  In recent history it was used by the Australian Ballet (there is a gorgeous article with photos here) and there are remnants of their time here too.  It's so much fun to be surrounded by this history. 
So on Friday it was a day of packing - Saturday was moving day.


As you can imagine the move was quite a bit of work.  
With help from family and some friends we are ecstatic to say it went smoothly.  

 Lucas loves cars

Lucas helped us for most of the day.  
He really loved being part of the crew (supervised of course)! 


Now I just need to find everything ... and discover the best coffee shop close by!

Oh ... and introduce myself to the florists down the hallway....

(this photo was on their Insta feed ... I'm not stalking them from the rafters! ) 


For all his help we gave Lucas the Automoblox Rescue mini 3 pack.  He's been coveting this set for quite a while.   

Automoblox mini Rescue
They went straight to his desk.  Don't touch this desk Mum ... it's MY DESK!  It's a bit like his version of The Pool Room. (reference from 'The Castle' - a classic Aussie film)

Mini Automoblox

Vroom Vroom
- Helle.